After a couple of serious blogposts I have something nice for you: you get to watch women having an orgasm and… it is not porn!

Huh?! What?!


The project by photographer and Filmmaker Clayton Cubbit is called Hysterical Literature and shows women reading literature out loud. What you don’t see, it that under the table these women are being sexually stimulated. What you do see, is their orgasm. I hope it is real and authentic. What I hope even more is that a male version of this project will follow…

Actually, it reminds me of filmmaker Jennifer Lyon Bell’s short film Headshot. In this 9 minute film a man gets orally stimulated by a strange woman. The interesting part is that you only see his face. You don’t see her or his body. The question behind this experiment is if not actually seeing the sex act is still sexy and erotic to watch. I certainly thought so – and I also think seeing the women having an orgasm in Hysterical Literature is sexually arousing.

What say you?

You can watch all Hysterical Literature videos here: sessions

Enjoy 😉

Photographer: Peter Hujar

‘Orgasmic Man’ by photographer Peter Hujar