abigail ekue

Abigail Ekue

I started Bare Men to create editorial photographs of nude men that were comparable to nude images of women.

I love men and wanted to see them presented artistically, emotionally and being themselves sans clothing.

abigail ekue


There’s a double-standard in nude art; we’re privy to every inch of the female body in nudes yet only see the muscular bodies and buttocks of the male body. Full frontal male nudity – face and genitals – tends to be geared towards the gay male audience; Women like to see naked men too!

Bare Men

features art, editorial and erotic nude images of men sharing moments of joy, release, ecstasy, vulnerability and angst. The men I photograph are given the permission to let their guard down and reveal their true selves.

Thanks to my Bare Men photo series, I’m the woman taking photographs of naked men and providing an opportunity for them to peacock, to heal body image issues and to feel desired.