I have never met a vampire personally, but I don’t know what might happen tomorrow.
Bela Lugosi


Like many women I am a sucker for vampire stories, especially sexy ones. Backdoor Man is an erotic vampire bedtime story by my hand. It is inspired by the original Dracula tale, but I have tried to make it a bit different. And no, Backdoor Man does not have the same meaning here as in the song that goes by the same name 😉

Kieran had been observing her for about thirty minutes now. She was sitting at the bar, chatting with the man to her right. They had met here in this club, this very evening. He tried his luck with her, tried to impress her with boring chit chat and embarrassing jokes. It was futile. He couldn’t keep her attention. This man was going home alone – or at least not with her.

The young woman at the bar was wearing a blue denim skirt and a tight, red strapless top. Her blonde hair was pinned up into an untidy, casual knot, showing her bare neck, shoulders and upper back. Kieran didn’t do anything. He simply stood behind her and entered her subconscious mind, letting her know he was there. Then he moved closer and started blowing air against her spine. Up… and down. Up… and down. The soft hairs on her skin rose. It tickled her. She touched her hair to check if any strings had fallen out. With one hand she pushed one string back into the knot. The guy to the right continued talking to her, paid her a drink, threw in all his useless, cheap moves. She tried to listen, to be polite, to smile, but she was not going to be his. Kieran was making sure she was not going to be his.
He put his left hand on her knee. Like a napkin it rested on her body, almost weightless. She sensed it, he could feel her muscles tighten slightly. Little drops of sweat emerged from her skin. Kieran took in her scent, the smell of her skin, her perfume. Memories of the past found their way to him. Not now. Kieran blocked his thoughts the best he could. He had to concentrate on her.

Once she was used to this light pressure on her leg, she instinctively started pushing against his hand. She longed to feel more. He started to move upwards, up her thigh, her hip, more up, until he had reached her ribs. He bent over and licked her neck with the tip of his hungry tongue, all the way to her earlobe. His hand had climbed up until right underneath her breast. Just for a second he left it there, sensing the adrenaline shot increasing the rate of her heartbeat. Then he let go of her. She turned around, startled, to discover no one.
The woman was not quite ready yet, but getting warm. He had to wait a bit before he could continue playing. “Let her suffer and keep her attentive, keep her curious and make her long. Make her energy flow at a maximum.” An important lesson in the art of seduction, learned a long, long time ago.

Realizing that he had lost the hunt, the other man had given up and was working on another prey, leaving her alone at the bar. She did not care. Distracted she was looking around the club, searching and scanning. From time to time she stared straight at Kieran. The smoke of her cigaret betrayed the vague outline of his appearance. She focused, tried harder to see him, but his image vaporized with the disappearing cloud. Confusion showed on her face, mixed with curiosity and a wish for more.

Once she had almost given up finding him, he walked back up to her. Now he could be less careful, for he knew she would give in to what he wanted to happen. His left hand was on her hip again, more firmly this time. She had closed her eyes and sighed. She was relieved his presence had returned. His hand rested on her thigh. His face was close to hers. She believed she could hear him breathing in her ear. Again his hand moved up towards her breast, but this time he did not stop. He took her breast, pushed it up, squeezing her hard nipple with the top of his thumb and index finger. His other hand slid over her thigh. Her eyes were open again. She was looking if people were watching her. No one was taking any notice. The hand on her thigh continued caressing her and moved up to where her legs touched each other. She spread them a bit, making room for him to go further. Not yet though, she could wait a bit longer.

Before Kieran’s transition, he – like all the Moore men before him – was managing the family’s whiskey brewery. The main brewery was located in the southern part of Edinburgh, close to Blackford Hill and the Edinburgh University, with the city center at a walking distance. Kieran was a fair and hard working employer, who not only sat in his office doing paperwork, but joined the workers in the brewery on a regular basis to talk to them and give them a helping hand. This attitude made him a much loved and respected boss among his employees. At the age of twenty-five, after having proven he was able to run the brewery successfully, he strategically married Annis Ockley, the nineteen-year old daughter of a family of prosperous bankers. Annis was a pretty and friendly young woman, with blonde, curly hair and eyes as blue as the ocean. Kieran did not only appreciate the financial security that Annis had brought into the marriage, he felt attracted to her as well. To his regret she was a god-fearing and sexually inexperienced girl, only occasionally allowing her husband to come close to her to have an attempt at producing an heir for the company. Three years of marriage had passed by. No heir had been born into the Moore family. There had not been many attempts.

After work and before going home to his wife, Kieran and his colleagues frequently went to brothels. He had been doing this since he was sixteen years of age. While getting older, he felt his hunger for carnal pleasures strangely increasing. He conveniently blamed it on Annis’ detachment and enjoyed his weekly visits without a shred of guilt.
Most whores knew him very well. Since he was a generous man, pampering them with drinks and sometimes even small presents, they were always delighted to see him. He was attractive – tall and slim, with dark, almost black hair and sparkling, chocolate brown eyes – and thanks to their teachings an experienced and devoted lover as well, making him a welcome change to the usual drunk and brutal costumers they had to deal with.

One evening after finishing work, Hugh Ferguson, a befriended colleague and partner in crime, asked Kieran to accompany him to an unfamiliar brothel in the inner city. He thought he knew them all, but he had never heard of this establishment before. Hugh told him an irresistible woman was running the place. Kieran had to come with him to see her, Hugh insisted, and so they went.
The brothel was smartly hidden in one of Edinburgh’s narrow, darker backstreets of the Royal Mile. Kieran understood how easily he could have passed by without noticing it. The lanterns in The Close were out or broken. A nauseous, indefinable steam rose from the drainage channels. As an attempt not to retch, Kieran held an handkerchief against his mouth and tried to concentrate on the pedestrians passing by, but they quickly disappeared in the twilight of the descending evening, leaving him with nothing to focus on.
There was no sign indicating where they were, but that was not unusual. These type of houses where unknown to the common people, but well-known secrets to those who could afford visiting them. Hugh opened the heavy wooden door. Once inside, it fell back in its lock with a creak. They had to descend what seemed to be an endless flight of stairs. In the darkness, Kieran could hardly make out the shape of his friend walking down the steps in front of him. Once they were down, a second door led them into a big room.

Soft, peculiar music was playing. Rags of smoke where hanging in the air, materializing and dissolving out of nothing. Small fires with pointy red tongues were burning from large copper bowls in each corner of the room. It seemed quite busy and to Kieran’s surprise there were not only female, but male prostitutes as well. Hence there were both male and female customers. In the background, through the smoke and behind blood red curtains, he could distinguish the outlines of people kissing, caressing and copulating. One of the shadows captured his attention. It was of a woman, on all fours, being taking from behind by what must be one of the male employees. The man had one hand pressing on her back, keeping her in position. With the other hand he was holding her long hair like he was holding the reins of a horse. He must be pulling her hair tight, Kieran thought, for the woman’s head was thrown so far backward she could almost look her rider in the eye. In front of her another woman was sitting on her knees, kissing her neck. She seemed to concentrate her kisses on one specific spot only, for she did not move her lips in one direction or another. She did not even seem to catch her breath. To Kieran the scene looked uncomfortable to say the least, but the moans of the female customer betrayed otherwise and woke up a sense of lust in him he had not felt before.

He considered it an obscure, sinister place, very different compared to the brothels he knew. Somehow, this atmosphere appealed to the darkness inside him. Hugh had gone to one of the serving women and came back with drinks. They walked up to an empty couch close to one of the fire places and sat down. Now where is this woman, Kieran thought while he absorbed the titillating impressions of what was happening around him.
As though he had summoned her with his thoughts, the most entrancing woman he had ever laid eyes on appeared from behind one of the curtains. She wore a silver dress, made from such a thin fabric that her white, naked body underneath was visible to all. Her long, wavy red hair made her face look like a burning sunset. While all the men in the room were staring at her, forgetting about all the other beauties surrounding them, sitting on their laps and fondling them, she shot her poison green eyes directly at Kieran and approached him. He instantly stood up from the couch.
“How much for spending the entire night with you, milady?” he whispered.
“Call me Mara, Sir. And don’t worry about the payment; you can afford it.”

He followed Mara upstairs to her private room. After she had locked the door and put the key in the drawer of a little wooden table next to her bed, she turned to him and without hesitation grabbed him between his legs. The proof of his lust for her was there, hard and pulsating. While Mara had his gaze captured in hers, she moved her hand up and down his member. Kieran moaned. He did not want foreplay, he did not want to wait. He wanted her right now. With both hands he pushed her on the bed, swiftly turned her around and lifted her dress, revealing her firm, perfectly succulent, white flesh. While he lifted her up, his free hand went straight for her vulva. His fingers sank into her and mingled with her moistness. She did not need foreplay either, she was ready for him.

Her head was turned around to see him. The smile on her face was dark and lustful, challenging. Her eyes beamed different shades of green. He unbuttoned his pants, let them drop to the floor and with one thrust entered her deep. Driven by his ecstasy Kieran took her with force, holding her long hair in the same manner he had witnessed earlier in the big room downstairs. Their reflections in the mirror opposite of the bed aroused him even more; her breasts dangling back and forth in his rhythm, his penis moving in and out of her, her beautiful round hips and ass swirling in front of him. Mara was looking as well. Even though she was dead silent, not making any sounds indicating he was doing her well, he could feel she was pleased. Her face showed something else though; was it mockery or was she trying to provoke him? He could not tell. Then she spoke.
“Come on now, is that all you can do?”
Her sharp voice pierced right through him. Kieran stopped and for a moment their eyes met in the mirror. She smiled all over.
He let go of her hair, grabbed her hips and pressed her ass firmly to his loins. Mara buried her fingers deep in the soft, ivory sheets. Then he thrust her as hard and as fast as he could manage, not wasting a thought on satisfying her, until he came with a loud groan.

Kieran let himself fall on the bed next to her. Normally he would not be so tired after only a few minutes of intimacy, but now he felt he had been carrying whiskey barrels all day long. He was perspiring all over, felt completely exhausted and somehow weak. His penis however was as hard as stone and his craving for her unsatisfied. She had started to take off all of his clothes. Once she had finished undressing him, she stepped out of her own dress and slipped on top of him, pushing his willing member back into her, holding and squeezing it firmly inside her body. Slowly she moved her hips back and forth, kissing him, licking his face with the tip of her tongue and stroking his dark brown hair. Then she started to move faster, making it difficult for him not to come. He wanted to move her to another position, prove to her he could last longer, but she would not let him. Squeezed between her thighs she held him down to the bed. All the time the same devilish grin was on her face. It scared him, but his desire for her was greater than his fear.



All sense of time was lost. Even though Kieran felt the next climax would mean the end of him, he could not stop. He wanted more of her – his body craved for more.
A naked, dark-haired woman entered the room, carrying a tray with a carafe and two glasses. After she had filled the glasses and arranged them on the bigger table close to the window, she stood still and observed them intently. Mara, who had still been holding him imprisoned between her cold, snow white legs, suddenly jumped off of him and walked towards the table. She is giving me a break, Kieran thought with relief. He was thirsty and could use a drink. In fact, he felt dried out, like he had not had a drink all day. Instead of bringing her customer a well-deserved beverage, Mara ignored him altogether and started to kiss the girl. First on the cheeks, then on the lips. They both opened their mouths, showing him their pointy, glittering tongues caressing each other like two mating snakes. The girl bent to kiss Mara’s beautiful breasts, then let herself drop to the floor. Her mistress positioned one leg on the girl’s shoulder, put her hands on her head and pressed it towards her. The girl started licking with long strokes. At the same time she touched herself. Kieran could hear her fingers slipping in and out or her body. The sight of the two women, their moans, the sound of their bodily fluids flowing, made the veins in Kieran’s body swell. It seemed every last drop of blood in his body flooded into his cock. Being its own person, disconnected from his owner’s brain, it willed him to get up from the bed and move towards them.
Both women looked at him. The servant girl had the same poison green eyes, the same malicious smile on her face. The thought that he should not have come here, should not be here, that he should leave right now before it would be too late, entered his mind. Sense nor reason had any power in this room. Kieran stayed.

The girl turned her face back towards her object of desire and continued licking, looking Mara straight in the eyes. Kieran wanted in, walked up to the two women and stood behind his redhead, holding her breasts in his hands and looking down from behind her shoulder at the kneeling girl on the floor. Mara bent her back a bit and pushed her ass towards him, inviting him to slip in. This time he moved slowly, experiencing to the fullest how she contracted when he moved in and the moist tongue of the kneeling girl in front of them, stroking him while sliding out. The girl continuously fondled herself. The intensity of her moaning revealed that she was close to climaxing. Mara moved forward, making him slip out of her, and bent towards the girl.
“Careful now girl, this one remains unspoiled…”
Once Mara had moved away from them, the girl quickly took his cock in her mouth and sucked hard. Kieran sensed something sharp. For a second he thought she was going to bite him. Just as he was about to tell her to be more careful, the sharpness vanished and pain became pleasure.
Mara was now behind him. She licked her finger. All shiny and wet she let it slide between Kieran’s buttocks. Gently she moved it in and out, massaging him in a way he had not yet experienced before. It drove him insane. He cried when he came. His legs were shaking and could hardly keep him standing up. The girl had come simultaneously with him.

When the first glimmer of the coming day tried to enter the room, the two women finally let him rest. They had no use for him anymore – there was no strength left in his body. His skin was white, almost glass-like, like Mara’s had been at the beginning of the evening. He feared he would not even be capable to walk back home. Mara on the other hand looked healthy and energetic. The dark-haired girl had fallen asleep on the flour. The way she was lying there, with her legs crawled up and softly snoring, she reminded Kieran of a purring black cat.
“Would you like some breakfast?” Mara asked. She was already on her way to the door to summon a maid.
“I fear I am too tired to even open my mouth to take a bite. You have drained me completely,” Kieran murmured.
“Yes, so it seems…”
Mara laughed, walked back to the bed and sat down next to him.
“Here, drink this. It will give you back some of your energy.”
The warm, red drink tasted like metal. Kieran had not seen her gently slashing her wrist, mixing her warm blood with the wine in the glass before offering it to him.
When he returned home, Annis was still upstairs and asleep. It was not time for her to get up yet. He felt hungry and went to the kitchen to prepare a glass of milk and a slice of freshly baked bread. Mara’s drink must have helped, for he felt a bit better and the food tasted good, but it did not still his hunger. The thought of another slice of bread did not appeal to him. It was not what he wanted, not what he was craving. Kieran considered catching a few hours of sleep before going to the brewery. That would probably do him more good. He walked up the stairs to the bedroom and crawled under the warm blanket to lie beside his wife. Her smell, a mixture of perfume and perspiration, enticed him. Lust pulsed through his body. He looked at his underpants and could not believe it: after a whole night of concupiscent abundance he had an erection, again. To his surprise Annis moved towards him and pressed her buttocks against his pelvis. She never used to do this, Kieran thought. As soon as she noticed he wanted her, she would create more space between them, wrap herself tight in her blanket and act as if she would be fast asleep. He knew when she was faking it.
He looked at her face. This time she was really asleep, yet she responded to him. Here was an opportunity not to be missed. He let his hand slip under her night shirt and fondled her breast. A sigh escaped her throat. She then turned around, towards him, and climbed on top of him. “Sweetheart, oh sweetheart”, he whispered as she moved her hips back and forth violently until she came. She did not hear him.
For the next week Kieran would wake up in the middle of the night, every night, finding his wife sitting on top of him or lying on her side, pushing him inside her, her spirit caught in the twilight between sleep and the moment before waking up. In the morning she could not remember what had happened, only that she had terrible nightmares in which demons had raped and ravaged her.
While Kieran’s strength and life energy returned, she lost hers rapidly. During the day she was not able to function anymore. Kieran had to hire a maid to do the housework, for Annis was too tired and too weak to lift a hand. Due to the lack of appetite, she lost weight as well. Her skin turned a translucent white. No doctor could explain what was wrong with her. In their despair, all they could do was prescribe lots of rest and strong broths to regain her strength. Nevertheless, after the seventh night, she did not wake up anymore.

After her funeral, Kieran put his cousin in charge of the brewery. People thought he was sick with grief and naturally understood he had to take some time off to mourn his loss. In truth, he was sick with lust. The nights with Annis had given him enough power to function during the day, but after her passing his skin lost color again and his energy decreased. With the memory of his dead wife burned solid in his memory and filled with self-hatred because he could not mourn her, he visited the brothels again, every night.

Two months had passed. Wandering the streets at night, being unable to sleep and not understanding what was happening to him, or what had happened to Annis, he decided to go back to the brothel where it had all seemed to have started. Back to her. Once inside he noticed the prostitutes looked differently at him, like he was an amusement to them.
He turned around to find the flaming redhead Mara standing behind him, smiling like only the devil could smile.
“You have come back to me. It is time your questions are being answered.”
It had been over a century ago that Kieran found out he had been reborn, as they call it. That one night he revisited her, Mara had told him everything. Of the brothel, of the customers coming to them to get sexual fulfillment in exchange for their blood or life essence, of what she had done to him – drained him of his energy to regain her own and to create a male counterpart.
In the past her people were killers, she said, leaving a trail of unexplained corpses throughout history. Unlike their bloodsucking relatives, their kind of vampires did not leave bite marks behind for people to speculate on, only a lifeless corpse and the healers clueless where death had come from.
“We have had difficult times in the past. Due to religion people were too scared to even think about intercourse, not to mention living out their sexual fantasies out in the open as people had done in the Old Times. They started to repress their thoughts, making it hard for us to track them. Therefore many of us, especially the inexperienced ones, starved to death. The ‘Blood Drinkers’ could feed on animals. We on the other hand, were not that eager to mate with beasts to get our nourishment. When the threat of extinction came near, we were forced to come up with a solution, one that could still our hunger without killing innocents, either by us or their church.”
It was Mara, as it turned out, an almost three thousand year old succubus, who came up with the idea of starting a chain of secret brothels scattered all through Europe. The few people who were not scared of the consequences, mostly witches and wizards at first, had their ways to spread the word. When times permitted it, their kind would wander the streets and venture into the homes of the dreaming and the longing. Surprise visits where the most fun.

“So many people are unhappy, Kieran, like you, unfulfilled and frustrated. Their bodies and minds cry out for us, in their fantasies, in their dreams. I could hear them when I was walking down the alleys at night. You can too, can you? Don’t they cry out for you to come and please them?The virgins, who want to unravel the secrets of lust and desire… The wives, who are being neglected in the marital bed by their boring, unfaithful husbands. Or the men, who want more than a wife who lets them sleep with them for the sole purpose to breed offspring. I heard them and I went to them to give them what they want. And now they come to us.”
Kieran knew what she was talking about. He did hear those voices, but it was only now that he understood where they were coming from.
“As long as you don’t take all their life essence, you can please them all and receive enough energy to survive. If you stay here with me, I will teach you how far you can go without hurting them. For how to cross this limit, you already know from your own recent experience, now do you?”
Kieran instantly understood to what sad and horrid event Mara was referring to. Her loud laugh tore his frozen heart into a million pieces. He did not allow himself to think about Annis often, but sometimes the grievous memory of her frail face and the irony of her death would mercilessly force itself into his brain.
For the next year Kieran stayed with his initiator and learned all there was to learn for a newly born incubus: the power of seduction, invisibility, the transformation into smoke, how to read minds and the ability to alter memories – the latter being one of the most important lessons. Their kind needed their prey willing and wanting, yearning for their nightly visits over and over again. It was a vampire’s life insurance. Kieran remembered his wife’s nightmares and knew that as a fresh, ignorant incubus he had been the cause of them.
Kieran was surprised how many people actually knew about this place, how they indulged themselves in this sinful, sensual underground scene, so willing to sell their souls for a few hours of sexual satisfaction. To his shame he recognized himself in many of his customers. Deep inside his soul he started to realize he, as a human, had not been much different. Once he made the decision not to be a hypocrite about it anymore and simply enjoy his nocturnal activities, he knew it was time to leave the brothel, and Mara.
During the day he stayed at home, supporting his cousin running the business from a safe distance. Time proved him to be a worthy and skillful successor. After two years, Kieran trusted him with the full ownership. From then on he spent the hours between sunrise and sunset waiting. At night he climbed through bedroom windows of dreaming virgins, crawled under their sheets and did all which their inner voices begged him to. He entered through the backdoors of many unsatisfied wives’ residences and seduced them in ways they’d secretly been fantasizing of. He always knew when to stop in time, leaving them behind thinking it had only been a sweet, forbidden dream. His wife had remained his one and only casualty.



Year after year, decade after decade passed by. Kieran had easily adapted to the ways of modern age. He dressed accordingly, he behaved accordingly and he fucked accordingly. He did not have to spend most of his time outside anymore, waiting for husbands to leave their wives alone at home or climbing roofs. Twenty-first century women were looking for sex out in the open, which made it a lot easier for him to get his feeding. Still, he had to admit that initiating young, innocent women in the act of carnal pleasures was certainly not something he disliked doing. Tonight though, Kieran did not want to be bothered with the searching and the climbing and had chosen the easy way to get what he wanted: an evening at the club.

Kieran’s need for nourishment was strong. He wanted this girl, more than he had ever wanted any other woman before. Making her wait longer was not an option anymore. Just as he was about to materialize, a man approached and started to talk to her.
“Miss, are you okay? You look flushed. Maybe I can offer you a cold drink to cool off?”
“That’s very nice of you, but I am fine,” she answered quickly. She turned her head away to avoid him seeing her blush and somehow reveal the cause of her excitement.
“Your glass is empty. Please, let me have the pleasure of buying a beautiful woman a drink.”
“Just leave me be, I am fine,” she snapped without looking at him.
“Alright, alright.”
As the guy walked away, he murmured “Arrogant bitch”.
“Was that man bothering you, milady?”
The girl turned around and found Kieran standing next to her, his hand resting lightly on her bare shoulder.
“Eh, well, not really… He was just pushing to buy me a drink.”
“He must have been blind then, since you have a full glass standing in front of you.”
She looked down at the bar and to her surprise saw a fresh gin and tonic waiting for her.
“I could have sworn I had finished it…”
Kieran smiled at her. He saw her melting in front of him. Nervously she sipped her drink.
“I had ordered it already when that man was on his way over to talk to you. I hope you don’t mind.”
“That is very attentive of you, Sir. Thank you!”
“My name is Kieran.”
He took a step closer and offered his hand. She shook it gently. Her hand felt warm and clammy. She held his longer than etiquette required.
“Ann, it is very nice to meet you.”
Kieran did not move back. He stared into her eyes and started to read her. She was thinking about what had happened before that other guy had started to bother her… who had been touching her so wonderfully… where did he go… this Kieran fellow was a bit strange, old-fashioned with his ‘milady’, but also sweet and damn he looked good… what would he look like naked… and her panties were wet and maybe she should go to the toilet to masturbate instead of asking him to come home with her… she usually did not pick up guys that quickly… she should date him a couple of times before jumping into bed… Maybe with this one she should make an exception, she thought. She hadn’t had sex in months and the last time wasn’t something worth remembering. Ann wanted him.
“You want to take me home with you.”
“What… what did you just say…” How could he know what she was thinking, she thought.
“Yes, I want you to come home with me,” Ann said.
Kieran put his hands on her waist and pulled her towards him. A sigh of surprised relief escaped her throat. She recognized his touch.
“I have been watching you all evening. It was me caressing you. I want you right now, you desire me, you will take me home. Now.”
Kieran took Ann by the hand and led her through the crowd towards the exit. Her mind was blank, her body a slave to what her instinct told her to do.

A cab brought them to her flat. Once they were there, Kieran’s craving for her was as strong as the hunger he had felt after his first night with Mara. Ann had taken off her shoes and leaned against her bedroom door in front of him. Her dark gaze, filled with longing and a hint of anxiety for what was to come, overwhelmed him. It reminded him of his past loss. Why has she never looked at me like that, Kieran thought. If only she would have… She could have been enough for me…
Ann was still standing there, waiting, and slowly getting insecure. Now Kieran walked up to her. With every step he neared her, her heart beat faster. Once he was in front of her, he tear her top off and pulled her skirt and undies down in one go. She held her breath. He swiftly undressed himself, took her leg and pulled it up. With his hands leaning against the door and her leg resting on his arm, he entered her. Ann moaned loud, then threw her arms around him and with all her strength held him tight. Her fingers caressed his back, traveled down toward his firm ass and then back up again to stroke his hair. Somehow Kieran not only felt wanted, he felt… loved.

“Oh yes… oh yes,” Ann whispered in his ear. “I have longed for this, for you, all my life. Please Kieran, don’t stop, please.”
Kieran lifted her off the floor and carried her to her bed. There, on the soft sheets, he drowned in her, in his memories of her. She looked so much like her, even smelled like her, but instead of pushing him away and rejecting him, she pulled him closer, deeper into her. She said she wanted him, needed him. She begged him. Confusion boiled up inside him. He could not control himself. He could not stop. Over and over he took her, punished her for her cruelty of not having loved him in the days gone by. He loved her.
“Annis, I love you.”
The young woman underneath him did not answer. Kieran opened his eyes, lifted his head and looked at her. She was so beautiful, how she was lying there. Her eyes read happiness all over them. Something was not right though. They were not really looking, they were staring. He lifted himself up. She did not move a limb. She resembled a human ice sculpture, blue and translucent. Kieran sensed how cold she was. She did not breathe.
“That was brilliant!”
A familiar voice filled the room. Kieran turned his head. Mara was sitting in a chair next to the closet.
“Kieran, I must admit, you are talented. I was very much tempted to join in, but I decided observing you two would be more sensational. And so it was!” Mara was radiating.
“Please Mara,” Kieran said, “she is dead!”
“Yes, and how beautiful the irony of it…” She moved closer and looked at the corpse with joy.
Kieran started to sob. The tears came endlessly. Finally.
“For a moment I considered preventing you from killing her, maybe even give her some of my blood so you two could be together until the end of time.” Sarcasm was in her voice.
“That would have ruined all the fun, don’t you think? After more than a century you have found what you have been yearning for all your miserable life, and then you can’t control yourself. I mean, in a way you have killed her twice…”
“Please stop!” Kieran way sobbing uncontrollably now, holding the dead girl in his arms, rocking her.
“Don’t be silly, Kieran. Leave her be and come home with me.”
He did not hear her.
“You have not changed a bit. You are just as pathetic as you were before I made you. I should never have bothered.”
Kieran did not care what Mara said. He did not see her leave. He laid the dead corpse on the bed, placing the blanket gently over her, tugging her in like she was only asleep. Then he laid himself next to her, his head resting on her lifeless breasts, holding her as tight as he possibly could.

Three days later, after a call from Ann’s neighbours suspecting something was wrong, the police broke down the front door of her apartment. They found two lifeless, snow white bodies in the bedroom. Cause of death: unknown.


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