Because I am a big fan of photographer and author Abigail Ekue, I am happy to announce the pre-order of her Bare Men – LIMITED EDITION  photography book and share the following official press release.


NEW YORK CITY – March 1, 2016: The Pre-order is now open for the Bare Men photography book by Abigail Ekue Photography.

The book will be the first of the ongoing Bare Men series and a Limited Edition run. Hardcover, 495 pages of color and B&W photographs and published by Native Creative Press. Art and photography lovers and collectors can now reserve their copy of the book scheduled for a September 2016 release.

The Bare Men book features 22 to 55 year-old men in moments of joy, angst, ecstasy and release in art, editorial and erotic nude photographs. Ekue started the series back in 2012 in response to the double-standard of male vs. female nudity in the art world and to include men that are not usually represented in nude art. “There’s a double-standard in nude art; we’re privy to every inch of the female body in nudes yet only see the muscular bodies and buttocks of the male body. With Bare Men I set out to create editorial photographs of nude men that were comparable to nude images of women.”

The showcase of full-frontal male nudity is a rare occurrence, especially if it’s not primarily geared to the gay male audience. “With this series, I show that naked men aren’t ugly. I love men and want to see them presented artistically, emotionally and being themselves sans clothing.” Yes, women love to see naked men too. “I find this delightful. One of the nice things about being married is having one’s own naked man, perfectly natural, sweet and vulnerable. Especially in glasses! You caught that,” says artist and activist Donna Marxer about the series. Like much of her non-nude photography, Abigail Ekue’s Bare Men speaks to the voyeur in all of us. The men offer Ekue and by extension, the viewer a front-row seat to moments usually experienced alone or with intimate relations.

The series has had an effect on the men who have participated. “Over time Bare Men has evolved into an outlet for men to feel desired, to step out of their comfort zones, to take advantage of the opportunity to peacock, and to confront and heal body image issues. For many of the men who have participated in my series, the process has been eye-opening and healing. What has stood out most for viewers is the men’s vulnerability.” The men Abigail Ekue works with are not limited to any race, ethnicity, sexual preference or experience level. Those who are considered by the mainstream to be “model-types” are welcome right alongside the everyday man and Dadbod superstars.

Since starting the series, images from Bare Men have been featured in Refinery29, Erotic Review Magazine, Your Tango, Mouth&Mouth Magazine, Naked Men Happy Women, The Naked and the Lens (2nd Edition), WideWalls, Succulent Sex Craft, GoNaked Magazine, Erotic Scribes, Pleasurez Magazine, various group exhibits and even on a Times Square billboard. Throughout the series Abigail Ekue has shared images on her Instagram and Tumblr social media accounts.

Until the release of the Bare Men book, Abigail Ekue will continue to shoot for private clients and for the next part of the Bare Men series. Updates on her domestic and international travel schedule will be posted on her website, social media accounts and sent to her mailing list subscribers.

About the Artist:

Abigail Ekue is a NYC-based author and photographer. She is the author of The Darker Side of Lust (1st, 2nd edition) and Exhaust Pipes under her publishing company, Native Creative Press. Her writing career began as a health, fitness and nutrition freelance writer. On her blog she covers sex, dating & relationships, pens revealing personal essays and emotionally direct rants. Abigail Ekue Photography specializes in editorial, art and nude photography. Her first solo exhibit, Man. Toy., was held at the Body Archive Gallery in New York. Ekue owns and operates Native Creative Concierge, a private excursion service and is the creator of the natural hair t-shirt brand, Don’t Pet The Fro™.

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Abi, I hope your book will find its way to many people and help them understand that male nudity is just as beautiful, wonderful and fascinating as female nudity. Thank you for mentioning NMHW in your press release!