At a certain age you start to understand that things very often don’t go as planned. Such as our very first NMHW photo shooting. We had everything prepared and what happens: the model does not show up. So there we were, all set up and ready to shoot – without a naked man. There was only one solution: our creative director Christian had to take one for the team. Being a good boy, he did so bravely. 

Christian did some push ups, exposed his torso, got made even hotter and dirty – just how we cheeky ladies like it – by our make-up artist Andreas Riegler and then… tied up, all ready and willing to surrender to a little bit of unpleasantness and the camera of our photographer Michael Strobl. Now the images are not ready yet, but what we do have, is a little ‘coming soon’ teaser made by Christian and myself. Enjoy!

On a side note: we do not own the rights to the background music – ‘Rich’ by Yeah Yeah Yeah – but it is such a great, sexy song and it fits so perfectly to the imagery…