If you have a thing for firefighters – and we know quite some women do – The Huffington Post brings good news: you can now get a copy of Le Calendrier de Pompiers 2017 (The Calendar of Firefighters 2017), featuring half naked, very muscular firefighters, shot by the french photographer Fred Goudon.


sexy firefighters doing push ups

Firefighters doing push ups before the shooting – Photographer Fred Goudon

sexy naked redheaded man

Red Hot 2 2017 Calendar by Thomas Knights

shirtless firefighters

The Calendar of Firefighters 2017 – Fred Goudon

For those of you who love redheaded men there is also The Red Hot 2 2017, the world’s first calendar with only nude ginger men by photographer Thomas Knights.

Both calendars support a cause: A portion of the firefighter calendar proceeds will go to an international NGO called Firefighters Without Borders that helps people around the world affected by crises such as natural disasters or armed conflict. All money raised by the Red Hot project goes to the anti-bulling charity Diane Award.

All very good causes and worth our support. But I do wonder why men only seem to undress for charity… How about you guys undressing more often just for us girls? That’s a good cause, right? 😉