When I first discovered these photos, I thought they were made by a female photographer. The softness of the images, the combination of the nature theme and the male body. It felt to me like the gaze of a woman who sees the connection and truly appreciates the beauty of both. Then I saw the photographer is a man and that pleased me even more. Compared to most erotic male photography made by men I find Cristian Alonso’s work refreshing and enticing in sense that it makes you curious. It doesn’t depict typical masculinity, it shows vulnerability. I hope you enjoy his photos as well!

Cristian Alonso

When I can’t express myself with words, I use this way. Doing it I feel totally free. I can create everything I imagine, no limits. I’m very interested in male forms and male feelings, mixing it borns my romantic erotic style.



is a Spanish photographer, graphic designer and art director.