The reason I am not making any money as a blogger is not only because I am not much of a business girl. The most important reason is that I simply enjoy sharing good ideas, initiatives and products with you, just like that. And I do not want to be forced to promote erotic lifestyle products, magazines or movies I consider to be crap. I have my values and I won’t throw them overboard – not even for cold hard cash. Like now, I want to be able to write that I totally ‘dislike’ everything having to do with Fifty Shades of Grey, but… there is one thing I can’t dislike: Drive Me Crazy, the glass massage wand of the Fifty Shades of Grey product line. I love it!

Bridesmaids :)

Bridesmaids 🙂

Drive Me Crazy

does exactly what the name promises. In fact, after having some little Gabi-shower-time with I Adore You today – that’s how I like to call him – I have been feeling quite crazy. In the best possible way of course! After my private session I went for a coffee at my favourite hangout. I ordered a cappuchino. The waiter asked: “a big one?” and I got all giggling and blushy in the face! Then, in the bus on the way back, I couldn’t stop mentally undressing a guy sitting opposite of me because he had the most beautiful darkblue eyes I had ever seen… Other than that, I can’t type, I don’t know my grammar and I can’t think straight. I mean, I have just turned 40… Ahhh, what’s happening? Right?!

Drive Me Crazy glass wand

“I Adore You” in person 😉

There are many glasdildo’s and plugs out there. The brand ICICLES by Pipedream for instance has many interesting models, but most of them are quite big and thick and therefore not every girl’s best friend.

Drive Me Crazy

is just right – not too big, not too small. This wand has a good grip and is slightly bent so it can stimulate the g-spot. The structure on the top side brings more intensity to the experience. Additionally, glass is the most hygienic material possible, can be washed in the dishwasher, quickly takes on your body temperature and can be cooled in the refrigerator for a hot summer’s day…

*Nutch, nutch, say no more!*

Also, you don’t have to think about what lube you can use. Waterbased or oilbased, both will do. You might worry it could break? Well, if you let it drop on a stone floor or in the sink, it most likely will. During play though, apart from feeling wonderfully crazy, nothing can happen.

Oh, and guys, imagine how crazy Drive Me Crazy can get… with your sexy prostate… mmmmh… Just for my pleasure: Fifty Shades of Very Poor Writing Skills :p



Drive me crazy ... Ahhhh! What's Happening?
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