When it comes to the male body, the only thing men really seem to be concerned about – apart from not having a six pack maybe – is the size of their penis. “Size matters” they say. Who is ‘they’ – and is it really true? What is small, what is big and what is average?

Let’s start with some facts. Today I have received information about a recent study concerning the average erect penis size. Worldwide the penis sizes of 15.000 men have been compared. This is the result:

The average length of an erect penis is 13,24 cm. That is about 1 cm shorter than a regular ballpoint, by the way.

The average width of an erect penis is 11,66 cm. That is almost 1,5 cm less than the width of an austrian empty toilet paper roll. Yes, I measured it personally 🙂

Now, the average depth of a vagina is about 8 to 10 cm. When the woman is aroused it may be 12 cm deep tops. Conclusion: an erect penis with a length between 8 to 12 cm suffices perfectly.

When it comes to penis width I do admit it is a different story. A slender penis could be more of a problem than a shorter one. Why? Because most nerv endings are at the entrance of the vagina and the vulva. That means a certain penis width does generate more friction and therefore more pleasure for her. But then there are women who do not want a thick penis, simply because their vagina is not that wide. Not many people seem to realise that vaginas also have different sizes! Some women can hardly put in a tampon, others have no problem inserting an eggplant…

So dear men, please don’t think you need to have a 20 cm erection to make a woman’s dream come true. It is a myth! The only reason you think that is because of the pornography you watch. You compare yourself to the exception, to a fantasy that I am sure does not comply with the female perspective. Yes, some women may prefer a bigger erect penis because they have a wider vagina (or because they get more moist than the average woman and as a result of that feel less during intercourse – also something one has to take into consideration!). But in general, we are perfectly happy with average – as long as the guy knows what to do with it 😉

In the end, it is all about finding a partner that fits to you – in the widest (or tightest) sense of the word.

‘It is not the size of the boat that matters, it’s the motion of the ocean.’