I was actually looking for more interesting and especially smart articles about male nudity when I stumbled upon the following text by Jane A. Thomas: ‘Male Nudity Does Not Lead to Women’s Sexual Arousal’. You understand I had to read this. And huray, I got annoyed! Being annoyed means I can write a critical review and yes, I admit, I love writing critical reviews.

The title made me wonder when this article had come into being. I thought it had to be quite old, but it dates from 2009. Oh dear…

The following four quotes made me want to cry:

“Since women tend to be shocked by male nudity, especially genitals, they are censored in our society. Women admire men more for their status or achievements: in smart dress or uniform.”

Eureka! Now we know the reason why male nudity/the penis is censored in our society: because women are shocked by it! That explains why women like to grab it, play with it, feel it, caress it, taste it – and secretly wonder what it is like to have one themselves, well, for a day or two, not longer of course ;).

That women don’t like men because they are sexy, gorgeous and attractive, we’ve already known for decades. That’s why we all marry extremely rich, powerful men wearing uniforms.

“The film ‘The Wedding Date’ includes a scene where Dermot Mulroney is very relaxed about appearing naked in front of a woman (as if!). The woman’s horrified reaction to a man’s genitals not only indicates how female sexuality differs to male sexuality but also provides a clue as to why women’s sexual arousal is much more elusive with a partner.”

I have no clue what the author means with the end of the second sentence. This is also one of the reasons why this article is badly written. Not only is it stereotypical, insulting (especially towards men) and quite incoherent, the author states something without giving any thorough explanation. No wonder, since it is based on… on what?

“Men’s sexual arousal arises from looking at images of the naked body of a sexual partner, which explains the daily sales of pornographic magazines. Women, who have explored eroticism and learned about their own sexual arousal through female masturbation, will know that female sexual arousal arises more from the context of relationships and sexual scenarios (sexual fantasies) than from images of the male body.”

Again, I’d like to know on what information, or better yet what research this statement is based. Men do not fantasize? For men it is all about full-frontal nudity? They don’t enjoy more subtle fantasies? Women don’t get turned on by male nudity? Images of a naked men do not trigger the female imagination? Women are not producing magazines about male nudity and buying them? Sigh…

“Nudity causes men to think about sex even more than usual and they mistakenly assume that women have the same sexual motivations.”

When are people finally going to stop underlining the so-called sexual differences between men and women?! Just because we are meant to think there are, doesn’t mean it is true. For ages we have been taught that male nudity – expecially the penis – is dirty, ugly, pornographic, you name it. I am pretty sure that throughout history there has never been a group of women who decided that from that point on the male body and its genitals are disgusting and therefore shocking. It’s more likely we have a certain institution to thank for that.

Today, in our society, we are not used to male nudity in the way we are used to female nudity. That is the reason why there are still so many women who think male nudity and fantasizing about it is wrong. This idea is programmed in our minds with the goal to prevent women from becoming men- flesh-craving animals :). It is also why men feel that male nudity is only meant for the gay community and/or feel awkward and ashamed about showing their awesome bodies and genitals. Consequently, it is also why there still is so little male nudity out there for women to enjoy and LOOK at.

A beautiful, hawt penis, by photographer Pilo Pichler