franziska barth

Franziska Barth

There should simply be a lot more male nudity out there, candidly visible. Not just the typical continuant erections and muscular bodies, but also flacid penises and various body shapes in all its diversity.

Photographer, culture scientist and sex researcher Franziska Barth ist always looking for differentiated, authentic and sensual forms of interpersonal intimacy. In her work she strives to combine both the artistic and the knowledge about sexuality c.q. sex education in various ways; unbiased, attentive and pleasure-orientated.

Here you find a small selection of Barth’s ‘Lustbilder’ – images of lust.
On her website and tumblr there is a lot more to be discovered!

franziska barth zitat
“Nothing is more exciting, complex, variable, sensual, heatedly debated, presented by the media and at the sametime filled with speechlessness, insecurities and inner fears as human sexuality.” Franziska Barth