For ages I have been planning to post the search terms I get on NMHW, because some of them are really quite funny 🙂
So here are a few that made me giggle:

  • naked man and the sea (that’s a book, right?)
  • naked man with erections (plural… wow…)
  • men serving women (that’s how it should be)
  • naked male interviews (ehm)
  • happy naked men (they should be)
  • naked men kidnapped by women (that is a risk yes)
  • women photographers taking nude men’s (what are they taking…)
  • cfnm erection fitness pics (hmm)
  • women who love naked men run (run forest, run!)
  • sucktarzan (aww)
  • cfnm penis research pics (research is important)
  • men tied to pole naked (now I’d love to see that!)
  • men at the doctors (a rare phenomenon)
  • bend over boyfriend (please do, I have nice toys…)
  • regular naked men small (or irregular naked men big?)
  • mail tutu cfnm pics gallery (…)
  • naked men merry christmas (my fav!)