What then, good Lord! cry the women. We have kept our secret long enough.
We are a ripe fig. Let us burst into affirmation.

D.H. Lawrence

The following erotic story ‘Girls on Film’ tells of a porn shooting. The storytelling perspective alternates between Sara, one of the performers, and the woman directing and filming the scene. I am curious as to how you like it! Just so you know: it’s explicit.
If you scroll down, you can listen to the song that is being mentioned in the story.

The light in the room is dimmed. There is music in the background: an endless, hypnotizing loop. A window is open. The curtain is waving in the evening breeze coming from the west. It fills the room with a sense of salt – the sea. Two men are sitting on the couch talking, but the volume of their voices is too low to be able to interpret what they are saying. It is not important. Lucie and Sara are sitting next to them, smiling, observing them. Lucie winks at her best friend. She gets up and turns up the volume of the CD player just a tiny bit more. She moves slowly, moving her hips left and right, looking at Sara, challenging her. They have the knowledge. The men don’t. As agreed in advance, the men were told they would not be informed as to what exactly would happen. All they have to do, is to give in and let the two girls lead them, act spontaneously and enjoy.

Sara puts her glass on the table next to her and walks towards Lucie. Both of them are dancing now, moving their bodies in the rhythm of the music. The two men are not talking anymore: they are observing. It seems very innocent, just two women having some fun, laughing, teasing them a bit. The girls had practiced their dance a few times, getting to know the music, deciding on what would look sexy. I liked their suggestion to use a song called ‘Sensual Woman’. A friend of mine remixed it and made long loops of the instrumental parts. It could go one forever and ever. It fits to the mood in the room.

In the corner of my eye I see one of the cameramen coming closer. Better ignore him. Forget about him. Just go with the flow. There is no camera, it’s just me and her and two men sitting on the couch. Lucie is standing behind me now. She puts her hand on my hip and pulls me towards her. My ass presses against her body. I feel steam coming off of her, I feel her through my clothes. My skin starts to glow. The men are completely focusing on us, we have their attention. Lucie’s free hand moves up my belly, towards my breast. She touches it, squeezes it softly. We keep on dancing away. I have both my hands on her hips, I hold her in position, keep her close to me. My nipples are stiff and sensitive. Lucie squeezes one of them. Hard. It hurts, but it feels so good… She moves up her hand a bit more, then puts it into my top and into my bra, pulling out my tit for every one to see. At the same time her other hand moves away from my hip. It slips into my skirt, slides into my panties. She is going straight for it, moving her fingers up and down, making me wet, so wet. Oh, make me come… Yes…. I throw my head back and let it rest on her shoulder. My body is shaking on the waves of my orgasm.

During the first part of the dancing scene I ask the cameraman to get down on his knees and film the girls from underneath. There will be some nice shots from the action inside Sara’s little black skirt for sure.

Lucie is undressing her, doing every single move on the rhythm of the music, and taking off all but Sara’s bra. It’s Sara’s turn now. She skillfully strips Lucie down, taking off all but her lingerie. Lucie wears a scarlet bra and string, made of satin. She looks beautiful. Her dark, grey-blue eyes are hypnotizing the men, my team, me. I switch on my camera and start taking pictures.

I move behind her, pressing my almost naked breasts against her back. I lick my fingers to make them moist. I touch her nipple, then squeeze it hard like she had done with mine. Quid pro quo. Her ear lobe is in my mouth. I lick and bite it. I need to be careful not to bite too hard. Lucie moves her hand into her undies.

Lucie is pleasuring herself. Her fingers are working fast, she does not want to put it off. The camera is close now, zooming in on the wet spot on her slip. She’s not aware of it. Her eyes are closed. She is surrendering to herself. I look towards the couch. The two men are mesmerized and have a hard on. They are not granted to do anything. The second camera is shooting them. Very good. I am very happy with how this is going. It is exactly how I expected and hoped it would be.

Lucie is coming, letting out a soft sigh. She turns around and kisses Sara on the lips. Then Sara walks away to one of the men sitting on the couch. The one she had chosen during the getting-to-know-meeting at my office. I have foreseen her choosing him. They are magnetic and a great couple to look at. Let’s see what happens now.

I walk towards Ruben and kneel down before him. I want to see him naked, right now, this second. I have waited for this for weeks. I don’t want to wait anymore. I crawl on top of his lap and take off his t-shirt. He is stunning, just like I imaged him to be: thin but not skinny, soft hair on his chest, muscled arms but not too obvious. I can see the veins in his arms, the inside of his wrists, and touch them with the top of my fingers. His skin is so soft. I kiss his neck and crawl back to the floor, licking his nipple, moving my breasts over the obviously noticeable hump in his pants, letting my tongue slide down over his flat belly towards his hidden erect cock. I grab it firmly with my hand. It gets harder. I feel it pulsate through his jeans. I unzip his fly, pull down his pants. He is wearing tight boxers. I like those. His legs are long, his thighs tight and soft on the inside. I press my pussy against him. He looks at me, grinning. He must feel the moisture on his leg, the remains of my previous climax. One of the cameras is close now, filming me touching this man. Time to take everything off. This body needs to be exposed, but slowly. It would be so easy to slide on top of him right now, but I won’t. First he will please me. I move towards him again, give his cock a short lick. I crawl further up and position myself above his face. He stares at me. Come on now, lick me.

I hear the other man moaning and turn my head. Florian is not sitting on the couch anymore. He is standing naked in front of Lucie, who is kneeling on the floor, massaging his cock with one hand, her other hand moving between her legs. She lets lose of it, grabs his hand and makes him masturbate while she licks it like it’s her favorite ice cream on a sunny day. She pushes his ass now, showing him she wants him to move faster. Lucie is looking straight into his eyes. I recognize the gaze; she is totally enjoying this.

I need to start filming myself, for we are one cameraman short. It is important to me that two camera’s are used for each couple, one filming the man, the other the girl. Later I will cut the scenes myself and I need enough material to work with. I also do not want to risk having more shots of the women than of the men. Two of my three cameramen are male. They don’t have the same perspective as women do. Now that the couples have split themselves up, I will start filming Ruben with my camera. It will add a bit of an amateur feeling to it, like you see Ruben through Sara’s eyes. He is very attractive, but lacks the arrogance that usually goes with it. He may be a bit skinny, but it seems Sara and I like the same type of male built. He reminds me of my husband. I love filming Ruben. Hopefully I am capable to capture all his erotic little secrets. I move in closer.

Ruben is still licking me and moaning softly. He is holding my hips firmly. I move my pussy back and forth, faster and faster. I am riding his face. His tongue is firm and hard. It feels like he is trying to grasp my clit with it. Then he lets go again to lick me with long, big strokes. I am so close to coming again. My head is still turned so that I can see his body. I need to see him. He has one leg pulled up, the other one lying flat and relaxed on the pillows. His cock is perfect, so hard, so moist… I want to touch it, but I can’t reach it. I take his hand off my ass and make him do it. He massages his cock with his love fluid, making it shine. With my head turned and my gaze fixed on him massaging it, I come. His face is wet. I kiss him and taste myself. A hint of salt. I whisper in his ear that I will turn around. “Stay like this so I can lick it.” While I am changing position and giving him my ass to look at, he moves up a bit. He’s now able to see what the other two are doing as well. I hear him whisper “oh god…”.

Sara bents over to lick his cock. I like how she does it, I can see her love and devotion. She wants it, not just for him, but for her own pleasure. She strokes it with her tongue, presses her lips on it. She moves up to kiss his thighs and belly, then works her way down to his penis again. I zoom my camera in on Ruben’s face, then his chest and stomach to catch his body breathing and trembling. His body shines from perspiration. His hands grab the fabric of the pillows. The muscles in his arms are tensed. His veins show. Beautiful.

His cock is as far in my mouth as possible. I don’t want to gag on him. My tongue moves around the shaft in circles. He touches my pussy gently with his fingers, kissing my ass cheeks. One of his wet finger slips easily in my ass. He moves it in and out carefully. His cock is getting harder and thicker. His blood is pumping faster, he is getting close to coming, but I won’t allow him to. We are not finished, not just yet.

The cameramen and -women are circling around us. They move like cats, silently sneaking up on their prey. All I can do is give in and watch the other two. They are lying close to us, both on their sides in the 69 position. Lucie has one leg pulled up and around his chest and plays with his cock and balls. He is holding her, using one hand to fondle her. Her gaze is on me most of the time. I smile at her, letting her know she is a bad girl and that I am enjoying this. I want it to go further. I crawl more forward, on hands and knees, pulling Ruben’s hand to come with me, towards them. Lucie makes Florian sit upright now and moves to his other side. Both on hands and knees, we start licking his cock. Our tongues are moving up and down, meeting each other, entwining and letting go again. She sucks the top, I’m kissing and licking his balls, and then move up again to meet her tongue and lips once more. Ruben is fucking me, moving slower, then faster, slower, faster, postponing his orgasm for as long as he can. His finger is in my ass, not planning to let go of me any time soon.

Florian is suffering, he wants it so badly. His eyes are begging her. It would be cruel to let him wait any longer. Lucie reads him and positions herself on his lap with her back towards him, letting him slide into her. With him holding her tits, she is moving her ass back and forth. The sound of her ass cheeks clashing against his thighs, the wetness of their bodies, turns me on. It does not take long for him to come. He groans. I feel Ruben coming too: his cock pulsates harder, gets thicker, withdraws and then shoots and explodes inside me.
He is still so hard, he doesn’t stop. He continues fucking me. But I want to switch men. I want to see Ruben taking Lucie, see how it looks like when he is fucking my best friend. I want to see how his body moves, if he can please her like he has pleased me. I move away from him and lead Lucie towards the empty dinner table. We both bend forward. Our breasts are pressed against the glass tabletop. Our asses invite our men to come to dinner. “Take her.” Ruben hesitates a second, looking at me to see if this is really what I want. My eyes say “yes.” Florian catches my drift and moves behind me. He strokes my back gently, then grabs my hips and holds me up so he can enter me. Looking at each other, at the men fucking us from behind, it is almost too much to handle.

The men are coming. I don’t know where and on what to focus on with my camera, so I quickly decide on not zooming in but catching the scene as a whole. There are enough close-up cum-shots in porn land. No one needs to doubt they are climaxing; their faces are not lying.

Ruben falls back on a chair. Florian lets himself drop down to the floor. Those poor blokes are exhausted. They did a good job. Sara walks back to the couch. Her face is read from exertion, or maybe it is the shyness that makes her blush. Lucie curls herself up next to Florian on the floor and kisses him. They have been sleeping together for some time, it is noticeable that they feel more familiar with each other than the other two. Anyway, I am happy. Can’t wait to start editing.


It’s over now. This is the embarrassing moment; lights are switched on, a girl is bringing us bathrobes, the camera-people are talking with Gabrielle, who at the same time is looking at the pictures she has made on her digital camera. She seems very pleased with the results. My face is glowing; I do not dare to look at anyone. For an hour or so I had more or less forgotten about all those people, watching us, filming us while we were living out our fantasy. Now I am very aware of them. Too aware. Insecurity, shame and after-fun are all mixed together, turning my body and mind upside down. I wonder if the room smells of sex. I put on the robe as quickly as I can and take a big swig of my white wine. It is lukewarm, but I don’t care. I need something to relax and to stop me from running out of the room and hide in whatever corner possible. When I try to get up from the couch, Ruben comes to me, pushes me down and kisses me on the cheek.

“That was amazing, sweetie. We will have to repeat some of this tonight at my place, just the two of us. I will cook for you first of course, I bet you are hungry!”

Relief. He seems happy with me. I am happy. I look at Lucie. She is acting totally normal, getting dressed and chatting with people like she has been doing this for years. Then she comes to me.

“Wow!” she says.
“Was that cool or what?!”

She pulls me up from the couch, kisses me full on the mouth and caresses me.

“You are a very naughty friend, you know that?” I whisper in her ear.

The End


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Girls on Film
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