hot greek man


I like men who are straightforward, who say what they think and what they want. There really is no good reason to beat about the bush. Okay, by being direct you could get a no for an answer, but at least you don’t have to keep on guessing and can move on. If a ‘no’ is being decided on, you will get it anyway. Better sooner than later, or?

Today a Greek waiter reminded me how good Greek men are at flirting and being direct. I was having lunch at a Greek tavern, a place I had discovered by chance. I love Greece, always have. My heart lights up every time I set foot on Greek soil. So I felt very comfortable at this tiny little restaurant, drinking Retsina, listening to the typical Greek folk music and thinking of all the places I had been.

As the waiter passed me by, he caressed my shoulder a couple of times. When he brought me my second glass of Retsina, he called me a beautiful woman – now what woman doesn’t want to hear that, especially when her 40th bloody birthday is coming up? When I was ready to leave and put on my coat, he said he wanted to take my clothes off instead of letting me get dressed and that I should call him. This made me laugh, blush and it totally made my day. If he would have looked like the guy on the picture… oh myyy… 😉