A few days ago a man wrote a comment on my blog. He agreed with my writings, but felt that the images on my blog somehow contradicted with my views on the pressure that men experience due to the media.

Women have to be thin; women have to put on cream to prevent wrinkles; women have to use sented hygienic towels to prevent spreading a ‘smell’ (even when we do not have our period – it seems we stink in general…); women need to have the perfect, silicone breasts. Now we even have to bleach our asses, do cosmetic surgery on our labia (vaginal rejuvenation and labiaplasty) and have our g-spots injected so we can all finally experience the illustrious vaginal orgasm, for hey, you are not a real woman if you never came by penetration only! Sigh…

For a long time men had been spared, but a few years ago things started to change: suddenly there were commercials about skin cream… for men! Men had to dye their grey hair as well, use a specific brand of deoderant for otherwise the sweat would eject from their arm pits, scaring women away. Of course, a man needs to look like a Calvin Klein model! And have you checked your spam folder recently? I receive e-mails about bigger male sex organs and prolonged performence in bed on a daily basis. In the shop I work for, young men ask me if there is something to increase their stamina, “because after two hours it is getting a bit exhausting.” So much for all the false ideas people get from watching porno and the whole media in general.

When I replied to the comment, I had to admit he was right, for the pictures on NMHW do show the ‘perfect’ male body – at least how I perceive a beautiful male nude. But let’s be clear: my intention is to show erotic male bodies for us women to enjoy, to show how fascinating and aesthetic the naked man (and his penis) is, and to make clear we want more. It is very hard though to find pictures that do not show the He-man type of guy. It is even harder to find nude or semi-nude pictures of the ‘guy next door’. So I came up with the following idea:

I would like to make a new gallery on NMHW, filled with images of real men. And with real men, I mean you. Do you have a good photo of yourself, naked or semi-naked, or maybe a specific body part you like best about yourself? Or ladies: do you think your boyfriend’s body is extremely erotic? Do you go wild by just looking at his arms, or hands, or his soft belly? Then let’s celebrate those hot males on NMHW, and send a picture (.jpeg) to nakedmenhappywomen@gmail.com!

I am looking forward to your reactions and your input!