Yes, many people have criticised LELO for having deployed Charlie Sheen for its HEX condom campaign. This may not have been LELO’s smartest move, although, what is the saying again about bad publicity? Well, I am not going to waste time on Charlie Sheen. I want to talk about the condom. This really amazingly good condom! And before you think I am being sponsored to praise LELO: nope, I am not. This is MY opinion and that of others who have tried the condom at my request. 

I have some vague memories of using Durex condoms, which was like about 15 years ago. They did not feel good to me, but they had one advantage: for my former partner they were uncomfortable enough to help him last a little bit longer than his usual 2-3 minutes. Years later I got to know the brand Manix. They were definitely a lot better than Durex. After my pregnancy I did not seem to tolerate latex condoms anymore and tried Durex latexfree: very uncomfortable and very tight for the guy. I then switched to Manix’s latex-free condoms called Skyn. Again, even better. I sensed it, but it didn’t distract me as much as a Durex condom does. I also felt I could feel my partner’s body heat more. But then… HEX came along.

A few weeks ago, during one long, steamy fuck session with my every-once-in-a-while fuck friend, the condom testing kind of happened by itself. On that particular day I had three different brands in my little condom bag. Yes, I have a condom bag, which btw I think every responsible sexually active human being should have! There were some latex-free Billy Boys in there, Skyn Elite and the brand new HEX. He just grabbed whatever he could find, without thinking. Me being on my knees, tied up and enjoying the ride so to speak, had no idea what he was wearing. Somewhere along the way, though, he put on a new condom and entered me from behind.

Now, the sex was so intensely good I could not think straight any more, but at that moment not only did I feel this condom, I heard it! It was like his dick was wrapped in one of those thick, plastic bags you use to keep meat in the freezer! Maybe two seconds later I enquired if I was allowed to ask him something – don’t ask, hi hi! – and after he allowed me to do so I told him to pretty please take it off and use another one. He was more than happy to do so, because this latex-free Billy Boy did not fit at all and felt horrible to him as well. He quickly unwrapped a HEX, put it on and it was like…

sex position doggy style

… holy shit! What a difference! Like he was wearing nothing! Well, almost anyway. There was no distracting sound, no sense of a thick plastic layer between his sexy cock and my pussy, just smoothness and warmth. It didn’t take me long to slip back into my private universe of bodily bliss… *happy sigh*…

We had used HEX before and were already quite convinced this condom was the best we’d ever come across so far. But on that particular day, having varied all three brands, it was even more obvious LELO’s engineers had done a very good job. Apart from the condom feeling so much better I did not experience any irritations or itches afterwards – and may I add HEX is not latex-free. So I threw away all Billy Boys, kept the Skyn for emergencies and ordered more HEX for future fun. 

From the several male test rats I’ve employed I can report the following:

  1. HEX is very easy to put on cq. it goes super fast
  2. it fits very well if you have a regular to a bit larger sized penis
  3. the pattern looks kinda nice (isn’t that a cute argument?)  
  4. it doesn’t smell cq. its scent does not distract at all
  5. it gets as close as gets to not wearing a condom
  6. orgasming feels a lot better than with other condoms 

In all fairness, it has to be said that Tallulah also tried HEX. Her conclusion is that she senses no difference between HEX and Durex Natural Feeling. Since I refuse trying Durex ever again I cannot concur. 

All in all, dear men and women, if you practice safe sex and I sincerely hope you do, do yourself and your partner a favour and give HEX a try. Just forget Charlie, he is not included in the package anyway.

For more information about HEX you can either watch the video with the rather annoying background music below or read this article