Stephan Labossiere, a certified Life and Relationship Coach and author of the Award Winning book with the fascinating title “How to get a woman to have sex with you… if you are her husband” reveals twelve ways how a man can make a woman melt without touching her. In other words, he explains twelve attributes that makes a man sexually wanted by a woman. I affirm 🙂

1. Intelligence – knowledge is power, and it can definitely intrigue a woman.

2. Being considerate – being mindful of her feelings and doing small gestures to show her you’re thinking about her can easily win you some points.

3. Assertiveness – knowing how to be assertive and putting your foot down at the right time (in the right way) can cause a woman to melt right before your eyes.

4. Appearance – a lot of women are looking at your shoes whether you realize it or not… (omg, that’s true!)

5. Ambition – having passion and a purpose gives off the energy of a man who is about handling his business, and a woman loves to see that.

6. Being a Handyman – knowing how to get your hands dirty comes off as very manly and naturally women are drawn to masculine energy.

7. Humor – making a woman laugh can get you a long way.

8. Showing Desire, not Desperation – Understanding how to show desire without crossing the line of desperation will work in your favor.

9. Communication – seduce her mind with effective communication.

10. Good Hygiene – many women are sensitive to smell.

11. Confindence – confidence presents itself, confidence is sexy.

12. Commitment – not to the relationship/her, but to anything positive in your life.

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On a side note: if you have read the book mentioned above, please let me know how you liked it!