When I think of a Guru I think of a cult. When I think of a cult, I think of people not being able to think for themselves and doing strange things. This makes me feel slightly nervous. But I do have a bit of a weak spot for Guru OSHO. OSHO (1931-1990) had a very open mind towards relationships, family constructions and sexuality. He felt marriage/monogamy is so bad for us, we should abandon those concepts all together. When there is no marriage, there is no divorce…There won’t be much work for the priest or the psychotherapist. Have some patience with him, he talks slowly :). But yes, it is as simple as that. It is not like he was saying something revolutionary: only a few thousands years ago polyamory was how we lived, loved and breathed… Then Christianity and Co. came and everything got complicated, problematic and frustrating.

But I do not want to go there today. What I do want, is to share a video with you in which a couple living a polyamorous lifestyle explains why and how they do it. You have my wonderful wife to thank for this, by the way! The title of the video is – in my opinion – a bit poorly chosen, for it suggests that it is all/only about having sex with many people. It is not just about being sexually free, it is also about being able to care/love/commit to more than one person.

I do not like labelling and I do not see the need to have a name for everything so we can identify ourselves with something. So I would not call myself polyamorous, even though I do not believe in sexual monogamy. What we often seem to forget, is that we humans are nothing special. We are beings, just like any other animal on this planet. Animals don’t expect (s)exclusivity from one another and neither should we.

Having said this, if you can enjoy both Italian and Chinese food, can be passionate about relaxing on the beach as well as taking hikes in the mountains, are fervent about reading detectives as well as reciting poetry and can love more than one family member and more than one friend, when all of this is perfectly normal, why wouldn’t it not be okay for you to love/desire/have sex with more than one man or woman? Think about it.