You all know I am a big fan of male anal exploration – because I know what crazy f*cking amazing orgasms a guy can have when his prostate gets stimulated! Trust me ladies, if your man is willing to offer you his butt, don’t let that opportunity slip and discover new ways of making him very, very, very, very happy. Yes, that happy!

To help you with your exploration (or if you are a man, with your self-exploration), I have found this totally not sexy, SFW but very instructional video by Bob Patrick on how to find the prostate.

Ladies, may I suggest you throw in some proper foreplay first? Kiss him, massage his penis and perineum to make him feel relaxed. Most of us also want some clitoral stimulation first before touching the g-spot, right? Apart from that, the prostate will get excited already, swell up a bit and will be easier to find. Same as with the g-spot. You can then start caressing his buttocks, moving closer to his anus. If you like rimming (kissing and licking the anus), that will be a great way to help him relax and anticipate the joy of what’s coming even more.


The best lubricant for anal play is a silicon-based lub or a mixture of water-based and silicon-based lubs. Use lots and lots of it. The more the better! Slowly insert a finger (cut your nails short in advance btw), don’t rush. You will feel if it’s okay to let it slide in further. Ask how he is doing and if it feels good. Once your finger is inside the anus, leave it there for a bit so he can get used to the sensation. Then you can start moving your finger back and forth and discover the prostate as shown in the video. Maybe he can handle more than one finger. Two fingers will add to the intensity. For those of us girls who have a clue where their g-spot is: the structure of the prostate feels more or less the same. The distance I’d say is also similar.

Some men can come by just having their prostate stimulated. I suggest you combine it with other sexy practices such as giving him a handjob, blowjob, in the 69 position or during intercourse: while you are on top, reverse cowgirl or when he is taking you from behind – yes that works, even if you are no that flexible 🙂

All that is left to say, is: have fun!

And guys, remember: there is nothing ‘gay’ about prostate massages and male anal sex. It is simply one mind-blowing way of getting sexually stimulated. If you think anal sex is only for homosexuals, then taking your woman in the ass makes you gay too. No? See how stupid that thought is?