Women love watching porn, just like men. But what often turn us straight ladies off, is the fact that the male performers do not exactly look like the kind of men we’d love to find naked in our beds. They are either unattractive as a whole or have a good body but remain headless – obviously to make it easier for male viewers to imagine themselves in the scene. Luckily, more male cuties have entered the world of adult entertainment. One of them is Jake. NMHW had the pleasure of asking him a bunch of questions about his former work as an adult performer and his view on pornography in general. This is the first interview in the new series ‘Interview with a professional naked man’.

NMHW: What motivated you to start working as an adult performer?
I was 23, working as a policeman and married to Sylvie Deluxe. My aspiration was being a photographer and a film maker myself. That’s what motivated me to try out acting. The first scene I did was for Joymii, the second for X-Art, both with my now former wife Sylvie. One month after the scenes came out, my career at the police force was over. I did not mind, though. For me that as actually rather funny :).

NMHW: Can you remember the first pornography you’ve ever seen? How did you feel about it?
Jake: Yes, I was about five when I found my father’s porn magazines. They had images of girls with big bushes. I remember feeling good about looking at these pictures. They made me curious to try out sex with my girlfriend at school, of course at a later age.

NMHW: What are the requirements for a man to be able to work as a male performer?
Jake: You need to have charisma, good looks, sex and acting skills.

NMHW: What was it like doing your very first scene? Were you nervous?
Jake: It was of course hard. The producer was a friend of mine and therefore I felt ashamed I had to take a pill to get an erection. But finally we got the job done.

You need to have charisma, good looks, sex and acting skills.

NMHW: Did you have some sort of ritual to prepare for a shooting?
Jake: I used to take 20 minutes before a sex scene to just lie down, listen to nobody, relax and not think about sex.

Interview Jake - X-Art

NMHW: Can you tell us what it is like to have cameras all around you? Are you aware of them?
Jake: The cameras get very close, you can’t totally ignore them. But because we are like family and professionals, it is okay. The days on the set were always fun for every one!

NMHW: Most men fantasise about working as a porn actor. Are there any disadvantages? Are there things you have to do that you maybe don’t want to do and can it get boring like any other job?
Jake: On the highest level of adult entertainment, where guys do all types of porn, the male acting gets very difficult. I did not want to do that. The first month as a performer I only did gay porn. After that I got my contract at X-ART and solely made straight videos. I knew what type of films they were shooting and liked their work. Therefore everything I did was pleasurable for me. The job never got boring and I think it has deepened me as an actor.

Interview Jake - photographer and producer

NMHW: In most sectors men get paid more for the same job than women. Supposedly the adult business is one of the few businesses where male performers earn less than their female co-workers. Is this true?
Jake: Yes, it’s true on a certain level. Once you have an exclusive contract like I had with X-ART, meaning you are only to work for that one company, you get paid a lot better.

NMHW: You have done some movies with your ex-wife. Is it difficult seeing your partner perform with other actors? Can jealousy become a problem?
We are divorced for four years now. My career started to take off after we had separated, so I never saw here working with other actors on the set. As a photographer and director I only did solo or lesbian productions with her. Jealousy is not so much an issue, but it still is a hard job.

Interview Jake - X-Art

NMHW: Do you have a favourite movie you’ve starred in?
Jake: Two actually! My favourites are My Days in Rome and Double oh Heaven. I really enjoy my performance in both intros. These are also the movies I recommend other or new male performers I work with as an director today.

My family knows about my former work as a performer and the work I do now.

NMHW: What is your opinion on the the whole ‘porn for women’/’feminist porn’ topic?
Jake: I think it is great! In 2014 I was quite wanted for these type of productions. It was very nice shooting these films, doing authentic and natural sex, very often with the female performers having real orgasms. Many of my female fans still write to me, saying that they are disappointed that I stopped performing in the summer of 2015.

NMHW: Many people feel watching porn is not ‘healthy’. One argument is for instance that men who watch a lot of porn have trouble having sex in real life, because real sex is not the same or not as exciting as what they see in porn. What is your view on that?
Jake: In my opinion it is like that. It is the problem of this age – the internet makes illusions. The truth is that porn scenes take much longer that what you see in the final product. There are many pauses and instructions made by the director in between.

Interview Jake - X-Art - adult performer

NMHW: Does your family know about what you do for a living? If so, how did they react?
Jake: My family knows about my former work as a performer and the work I do now. At the time I explained my reasons for acting to them. Since many of them are photographers and filmmakers themselves, they were actually surprised that I wanted to follow in their footsteps. Since I’ve been showing them my own productions and photographs they more or less started to support me. Once I told them I stopped performing to focus solely on producing erotica, fashion, sports and events, they were very happy for me.

NMHW: As an actor you worked for a very prestigious company and were very successful. How did your colleagues respond when you decided to quit?
Jake: I only worked as an actor for three years. That is very short. My colleagues in the porn business told me it was stupid of me to quit acting while being at the top. I always said it was my goal to be on the other side of the camera, though. Once I was able to do what I wanted to do, my performing days would be over.

Interview Jake - X-Art - little boy

NMHW: What are your goals for the future?
Jake: Be happy and have people around me that I love.

NMHW: We can’t be all about naked men and not mention that you have a hot body. What do you do to keep in shape?
Jake: At the moment I am not doing anything . When I was performing I did many kinds of sports and Paleo diets.

NMHW: What part of the female and male body do you find most attractive?
Jake: Soul and brain.

NMHW: Last but not least: as a professional, what is the best sex advice you can give to all men out there?
Jake: Love!

Jake - X-Art