Even an experienced sex blogger lady like me *wink* can still discover things she doesn’t know of – or thinks she doesn’t know of. Like the Jen Mo Point. Never heard of it, so I googled it: The Jen Mo Point is also known as the Million Dollar Point. I wondered if it was a cute and quite fitting name for the prostate, with which I wasn’t that far off. What we are talking about, though, is a specific spot on the perineum: the part between the anus and the testicles. Pressing this point is a technique that originates from Taoism and is supposed to bring a man much and more intense pleasure – not to mention endurance. Pleasure and endurance, that makes us curious! So let’s shed some light on it.


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The Jen Mo or Million Dollar Point is located right in the middle of the perineum, like you can see on the image above. The following is being said about this spot and what it does when you press it before you are about to ejaculate

This is the scientific term for injaculation or the dry orgasm. By pressing the million dollar spot right before the point of climaxing – aka the point of no return – the semen that is being released gets blocked and re-directed through the bladder in stead of being ejaculated through the urethra. Even though the man does not ejaculate, he does have the sensation of an orgasm. Retrograde ejaculation is actually a medical condition that is one of the causes of male infertility, but trying to achieve this sensation just for the pleasure of it is also something that has been practised by men for thousands or years.

It is said that by having a dry orgasm, the man doesn’t have a refractory period, which means the penis won’t get flaccid after climaxing and thus doesn’t need a little recovery break. The penis stays erect, enabling him to continue sexual intercourse or masturbation and have multiple (dry) orgasms. I do not know enough men who can do this. In fact, I only know of one guy who has experienced something like this and was able to do a second round, orgasm included, so based on that I can hardly confirm if it’s true or not. According to my research not having a refractory period after dry climaxing has not been scientifically proven, but then so are many other things in life. Maybe you guys who have experience with dry orgasms can tells us more about it? 

First of all there are some concerns about the health aspect of this technique. We all know it is favourable for men to release semen on a regular basis, for it can help prevent prostate cancer. Therefore, holding it back might not be preferable. Other than that, it could be possible that by pressing the perineum regularly, long-term damage to blood and nerve vessels on that spot can occur. Dry orgasms may also cause inflammation of the urethra, increasing the risk of urinary tract or bladder infections: after dry climaxing, when a man has to pee, his urine will be more milky and basic due to the semen it contains. Having said this, it is really up to you of you want to try it out or not. If so, this is the way to go. 

  1. You should probably first experiment on your own so you can get the hang of it.
  2. Check out the image above again so you know where to find your million dollar point. 
  3. If you sense a small hump which you can press, you’ve got it.
  4. The perineum bulges when you are about to orgasm. 
  5. This is when you firmly press the small hump with two fingers (index and middle finger) side by side. 
  6. If it hurts, you are not doing it correctly. If it continues to hurt, stop and let it be. 

Maybe you are reluctant trying out this Jen Mo Technique? Well, how about stimulating your prostate by massaging the perineum during sex? Here it is not about preventing ejaculation. It is solely about making sure that when you come, it feels even better. Of course, the best way to massage the prostate is by putting a finger or two or a bent anal toy in your anus and stimulate the prostate directly. If you feel uncomfortable or are not ready for this type or pleasure, gently massaging the whole perineum will help you get close to the experience as well. Try it and let us know how it was. Pretty good, I’m sure. So yes, you’re welcome! 

P.S.: Don’t use this technique as a means of birth control! It is not 100% safe! 
P.S.S.: Also be aware that this is not a secure way to prevent getting Sexual Transmitted Infections – STI’s. 

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