For quite some time now I have been wondering what society today would be like if male window prostitution, male go-go bars and male brothels – for women that is – would be as common as the bars and clubs that exist for men. Imagine walking through Amsterdam’s red light district, and seeing sexy men in tight boxer shorts behind the windows, trying to lure you in… I mean, wow! A girls night out, or an afternoon of ‘window shopping’ with your girlfriends would get a whole different meaning.

As far as I know, there is no brothel with male prostitutes for women in Europe. If there were, would women go? In this article by Ariel Leve she states that women are not interested. I think she is wrong. Women want The Cuddler, The father Figure, The Generous Type? When it comes to a relationship perhaps. But just plain old steamy sex? For that we only need chemistry.

The author says that women can easily have sex with no strings attached without paying for it. We simply say: “wanna have sex?” and the guys are lining up. Maybe. But how about going into a nice club, pick a man you feel physically attracted to, and know he is a professional. Someone who has skills and knows how to please a woman. A man who will do exactly what you want…

I can very much imagine myself at 18 going to a brothel and pay to lose my virginity in the arms of a skilled man, in stead of what has been the sad reality of the past. If I would be single and would not have the time for men hunting or a relationship, I would definitely consider having an erotic evening in a club and laying down hard cash for some quality time. Don’t tell me I am the only woman who thinks like this! 🙂

According to Dr. A. Gerhardinger, owner of the Goldentime Club in Vienna, it is a hot theme, but he also feels it is not the right time yet to open a club for hetero sexual women… Just because women don’t ask for it out in the open, it does not mean we do not want a male brothel. I dare to say that as soon as there is one, women will come from far and abroad to at least have a peek inside. It only takes one person’s initiative.

In the same interview Dr. Gerhardinger was asked how he imagines a place like that to look like. He says that apart from it being discrete, there should be “wellness, cosmetics, (erotic) massage, anti-aging and dessous”. I am sorry, are we still thinking of having some uncomplicated sex here? And anti-aging? I feel like writing ‘what the fuck?!’

What I would like to know, is if the twenty-first century man is ripe and willing to work in a club for women. I think women are ready to buy love for just one night. Is he?