… who has the biggest penis of them all?
Or maybe I should call this article “The Narcissist Man and his Selfie Obsession”.

I love my blogger colleague Theresa, for she always finds stuff for me that make my fingers itch. This fun article by Nina Damsch on noisey.vice.com for instance: The Games Instagram-Profil ist ein Masturbationsparadies für Frauen (translates: The Games Instagram profile is a masturbation paradise for women). I have read it last night and my fingers have been itching ever since – nothing else by the way.

The Game is a rapper who likes to post selfies on Instagram. These selfies show him in front of the mirror, wearing very tight, colourful boxer shorts – his own underwear line I believe – and showing his erect penis. The photos are accompanied with hashtags such as:


The Game


Supposedly The Game believes his dick pics are so erotic and sexy that we women can’t help but masturbate our brains out while looking at them, hence ‘masturbation paradise for women‘. Sorry, but I align myself with Nina Damsch and say that I seriously doubt there are women out there who masturbate while looking at dick pics of strange (read: unfamiliar) men. If there are, please raise your hand because I’d love to hear from you how this works! Seriously, write me!

Some time ago I wrote an article on dick pics and how women respond to these kind of selfies. Dear men, you may have the ‘perfect’ body and the biggest, hardest penis on this planet, but these pics don’t get us girls going. Again, sorry. First of all, a pic of you standing in front of your bathroom mirror with your toothbrush and other stuff lying around does not show much imagination or a sense of creating an erotic atmosphere. Second, you looking at yourself tells us more about your vanity than your altruistic wish to please another person. It depicts your desire to exhibit yourself. Your message is clear and simple: “Look how hot I am and how much I love myself!” Yep, lucky you! Now go have fun with your selfie. Chop, chop.

Of course it is a different thing if you send dick pics to your girlfriend/wife/sex partner – especially if she asks for them. She knows you, she knows your dick and what you can do with it. If she looks at your pic she will think of the sex she has with you, which will turn her on. For a woman who is not befriended with your penis your cock pic is just another cock pic. It has no meaning, it’s just a piece of meat that belongs to a man she does not know.

Maybe the way it looks meets her needs in general, but she has no idea if you’d be able to pleasure her. For that she has to see you in action – at least. Also, it’s important for a woman’s arousal to have the feeling that your arousal (= your erection) has something or rather everything to do with her specifically. That’s not the case with these penis selfies… Last but not least: less is more. The anticipation what is underneath the clothes you wear, a hint of something we might desire, triggers more fantasies than a big penis and a six pack staring back at us from our mobile devices.

Women are not as visual as men are, that’s a fact. I am working on changing that here on NMHW because I am convinced women enjoy watching male nudity. They probably don’t use this website as a masturbation reference, but I do think many of the images I share here trigger fantasies that will do the trick. For dear narcissist men, Masturbation Paradise is not to be found on your boring Instagram/Tinder/whatever profile. It is in our minds.

woman masturbating

Source: evilbaroness_smutty tumblr She’s not looking at your dic pick, I promise