Now here is an adult movie I am enthusiastic about: Five Hot Stories for Her, produced by Erika Lust. One girl-girl story, one trio with one girl and two men, a bit of a spanking-fetish story, boy-girl action and…yes… boy-boy.

Five Hot Stories For Her

Scene from Five Hot stories for Her

Five Hot Stories For Her

This production has a very natural feeling to it: there’s no over-acting, no over-the-top screaming or cock-choking. You see people who are enjoying each other, kissing and caressing each other, who are giggling and fooling around with each other. And having sex of course. I actually got the feeling like I was watching ‘real’ people/couples having sex, not actors and actresses, making Five Hot Stories for Her kind of cute. You see realistic, pretty girls, and for the first time I had the pleasure of watching a couple of attractive males, with slim, sexy bodies, great penises and asses, and with nice faces! In addition, I also had the impression that the men knew what they were doing and were not just ‘pumping the house down’.

Five Hot Stories For Her

Erika Lust Cinema

For women this is definitely a very good, erotic movie to watch. I also recommend Five Hot Stories for Her for couples, although I am not sure if this would be ‘enough’ for the average porn-watching man. On the other hand you see everything like in every other porn movie. And since men do not seem distracted by details that much, it might work out just fine. I’d say: watch it, and let me know what you think!



Five Hot Stories for Her - Erika Lust
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