It goes without saying that sexualized images of nude women are widely accepted in western culture, while images of nude men are not. I think Gabi’s motivations behind the NMHW blog are in part political. In addition to displaying images of nude men that are intrinsically enjoyable, she’s arguing against the social voice that says that women cannot enjoy looking. This has repercussions in other areas in the relationships between men and women. For my part, I’m happy to be part of her work so here I am. (Apologies to the censors at WordPress for the erection.) If any readers would like to see more of me, let Gabi know and it can be arranged.
~ The model


They are your photos, you can use them as you please. I don’t think there is anything wrong with them. Being a woman, I am only concerned with not using my name because I feel that our society looks differently at women than they do at men. I’m sure no one would think twice about a man photographing a nude woman but the opposite isn’t true.
~ The photographer

Unfortunately she is right.