Yes, it has been very quiet here, I know and I am sorry! What can I say, the last six months or so have not been particularly easy. The end of my marriage, an unsatisfying job that I had to quit and a complicated affair of the heart almost got the best of me. But sometimes one just has to burn all bridges and start over. “From chaos comes order”, Friedrich Nietzsche has said. Well, it seems I am putting this quote to the test. But… I have to be honest here: it hasn’t all been bad. With our association PASG my wonderful colleagues and I have been working very hard on three exciting projects and… we are now ready to go LIVE with one of them! So meet NAUGHTY&SPICE, our sex-positive online erotica platform for naughty folks with good taste! 

I have lost count on how often I have heard or read that people do not find typical porn videos satisfying or pleasant to look at. By all means, these same people do want to watch porn, but not the usual, repetitious, mostly male-oriented and more often than not quite misogynous porn that can be found on free xxx tube sites. What they are looking for, is high-quality pornography. Different. Real. Feminist. Original. Aesthetic. Narrative. Fun! Something they can watch for their own pleasure or together with their partner without feeling uncomfortable, intimidated or ashamed. Is there such porn out there and if so, where can it be found? 

Even though in the last twenty to thirty years or so, so many women and men have been creating alternatives to mainstream adult entertainment, a lot of you folks still do not seem to find your way to their films. So about half a year ago we decided we had to find a way to help you out. We put our heads together and came up with the idea to create an independent online platform where all these amazing producers are bundled and introduced to you in an unbiased manner. That is how NAUGHTY&SPICE came to be.

Right now we our first selection of thirteen very diverse pornographers ready and waiting to be discovered by you! 

With our classification system you can find the producers that offer the type of pornography you are looking for with just one click:
spicy & hot, glossy & poshy, kinky & bdsm, fetish & latex, artsy & alternative and last but not least soft & sweet, which by the way is still explicit, but not hardcore in-your-face. The work of the producer is presented in a text written by us. You can enjoy a trailer, see some screenshots and then decide to get up close and personal with their films. We direct you to their own websites where you can either stream or buy videos, or get a subscription of your choice. We do not sell anything, we only show you the way.

Next to our independent producer descriptions we offer a FREE membership at NAUGHTY&SPICE. Being on our Naughty List means:

  • we will make sure you are the first to get the latest news
  • you will receive special spicy deals on a regular basis
  • you can leave comments on our website
  • we simply like you a lot more, because you are naughty

So go ahead now, check us out and if you like what you see, get on the Naughty List! You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter. Your likes and follows will be very much appreciated!