Men are not easily persuaded to be photographed in the nude. They are not used to being observed in such a way like women are. I guess it makes them feel insecure or even vulnerable, which is understandable. It is hard to feel comfortable with and proud of your body, your penis, when society declares male nudity for less aesthetic or even vulgar. Especially when at the same time you are being slapped in the face with images that make you feel you are nothing without a six-pack and that your penis just can’t be BIG enough. We girls may bitch about how have to look and behave like according to society/the media, but men are more and more undergoing the same pressure. We are all in the same boat. It is time to jump out before there is no way back!

naked man outdoor cactus

Photographer: Abigail Ekue

With her Bare Men series photographer Abigail Ekue invites men to show themselves how they are, who they are: naked, unsure, sexy, vulnerable, happy, powerful, masculine and feminine. You can enjoy a selection of her work here on NMHW.