When I was a little girl, my mother taught me that a woman should always be able to do everything on her own – and by all means not be dependable on a man. Her father had passed away when she was only 13 and my father, well, let’s just say he was an incurable womaniser who was sometimes there but mostly not. Based on her experiences with the other sex it is not hard to understand why she felt this was an important lesson to teach me. The influences of parents, both good and bad, tend to grab on tight to our psyche, so admittedly I took her advice at heart and developed a persistent propensity to want to achieve everything on my own. I never considered it a bad trait, but sometimes it is good to accept the help of friends and together make something better than one could possible have done without them. Regarding NMHW and its new website it most certainly is!


This brings me to the happy occasion of not only announcing the new website, but also finally and officially introducing to you the two new team members: Christian & Tallulah! Because ladies should come first – unless they don’t desire to – I will start with the lovely but oh so cheeky Tallulah. She is our new contributor, who from now on will share her experiences and thoughts regarding sex, naked men and everything in between here with you. Her first contribution on a current, running exhibition called ‘Sex in Wien‘ (Sex in Vienna) you can find here.

Over the past year Christian has already been helping me make the website look much hotter and user-friendly. Based on your answers to our questionnaire – which btw you can still fill out if you have not done so already – he has optimised NMHW furthermore. Together we have come up with new features that will hopefully tickle your insatiable imagination… 😉 And if that is not enough, we have also published a new naughty short story called Stranger Danger. Oh my…

This is also the place where I want to thank my best friend and platonic wife, Lady Lu, who does not only help me find inspiration for new blog entries, but also let’s us share her project #letswatchporn here with you. Hopefully, on day, she will play a more prominent role here on NMHW!

One of the things we have planned on doing regularly, is offering you the chance to win some nice goodies. We start with a raffle of a product that could be the best necessary garment you have ever used. Curious? Go check our first glad-we-are-back contest here!

Jim Morrison’s words in Roadhouse Blues: “The future’s uncertain and the end is always near“. One thing we know for sure, is that we are going to write and post sexy naked men on a regular basis again. There are so many beautiful naked men out there to discover, there is so much more work to do when it comes to the perception of male nudity and regarding sexuality in general we’d say we are far from revolutionised. The end is not halfway near just yet. Let it roll!