For years now I have been wanting to attend the Pornfilmfestival Berlin (Website), the event for all who love porn and want to see something new, different, alternative, independent, psychedelic, fun or crazy, you name it. This year I am finally going – or actually we are going – because NMHW has grown into a team!

Christian, one of the sexy naked men on this website and the guy who makes NMHW look the awesome way it looks, is now my partner in crime. And then there is the lovely Tallulah, who loves to read smart, naughty books and writes some pretty hot stuff as well. Proper introductions are on the way 🙂

We have no idea what to expect, but we are sure we’ll meet some wonderful people there and see some great movies. This film by GrĂ©gory TILHAC “Theo et Hugo dans le meme Bateau” (= Theo and Hugo in the same boat) is definitely on top of my list… wow wow wow!

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqpAzVsUkaQ[/embedyt]