= test card (in case you are too young to know) 😉

What’s happening?! First a total stranger – now not any more of course – offers to re-design Naked Men, Happy Women, simply because he likes what I am doing. Then Theresa from the german blog LVSTPRINZIP – Freiraum für sexuelle Gedanken (= principle of lust – free zone for sexual thoughts) asks me if I’d like to write an article for her! I can’t believe my luck! And as it turns out she’s fast – because it is already online!

Open-Minded Dutch MILFS and the Androsexual Glare
It’s so typical. I tell a guy I have worked in a sex shop, his head starts spinning. I tell him I have a blog filled with naked men, penises and other pleasure objects, his second head downstairs joins the spinning party. I know exactly what he’s thinking. No, not thinking. His inner eye shows him images of me lying naked on the bed, surrounded by sex toys and dreaming of big, hard penises. Now he thinks She must be one dirty little man-eater! I tell him I am Dutch and a mother and there it is: the open-minded Dutch MILF-alarm goes off! His eyes pop out. This must be his lucky day! I must be so eager to see his version of The Naked Man, right now, at his place, on the club toilet, anywhere. But I am not. I am no man-eater and I have not been horny for quite some time.

You can read the whole blog entry here.