It is not easy to put the beauty of the male body into words. When I think about or look at a specific male body I find particularly fascinating and try to describe its wonderful shapes in my head, I usually get stuck with some very basic, animalistic feelings such as ‘mmmmmmmh…‘, ‘wowowow’ and ‘yummy!‘ With some luck, maybe I can come up with a short sentence like ‘OMG, he looks so gorgeous!‘. Aaaaand, that’s it. Brain lockdown. I obviously have to practise here, but I also guess it is something we (read: women) are hardly used at doing. Man has been writing, describing, painting and singing about the female shape from the moment he was able to do so. Vice versa it’s a bit of a different story, isn’t it?

What I can do, is explain why all of us should give the male body the attention it deserves. To my great pleasure, the lovely people of Omooni asked me to put into words why we should no longer think in double standards and offer some tips on how we can help men to appreciate and show their sexy bodies like we women have been doing all along.

“The double standards we have about nudity seem to be deeply anchored in our minds. I don’t know about you but I am pretty sure no one has ever told me the naked male body is something bad or pornographic and therefore vulgar. Still, until my late twenties I hardly looked at male nudity. During sex the lights were usually off. Most of the time my eyes were closed. I may have looked at my lover’s arms, belly or legs, but deliberately observing his penis I tried to avoid at all costs. To me looking at ‘that thing’ was somehow forbidden, intimidating and not lady-like.”  You can read the whole text here on their website.

Yes, yes, the eye also wants something, I know. Enjoy!
All images come from the NMHW Pinterest page, where you can find the original sources.