Velv’Or: Not so long ago Jelle from Velv’Or contacted me on Twitter and showed me his website with Toys for Boys – or rather Rings for Gentlemen – because they look very stylish indeed. My first thought: ohhh, ahhh how I wish I could try them myself! I know, I know, there is enough out there for me to play with, but you can’t blame a girl for being (very) curious, right? Anyway, I asked Jelle to tell me something about his products. Enjoy! 

NMHW: As a starter, please describe the Velv’Or feeling.

Jelle: The first feeling a man has when he wears a gentleman’s ring can be best described as wearing a watch, bracelet or ring on the finger for the very first time. It’s like: I am wearing something my body does not know yet. The material touching the skin, the permanent pressure on the penis, testicles and/or perineum, the penis feeling more sensitive and fuller because it is better supplied with blood. It does take some getting used to. Once he has accustomed himself to wearing the ring for longer periods of time and in a way always being in a state of readiness, though, he will absolutely love it.

NMHW: I prefer first-hand experiences so tell me, how does wearing a gentleman’s ring make you feel?

Jelle: This constant sensation of being EnRinged makes me feel more confident and more masculine. There’s something beautiful hanging between my legs, I am ready for action, I feel on top of the world and successful. I also get this feeling with a standard O-Ring, but due to their shape it is definitely more extreme with the Velv’Or King JCobra, JCobra or JNaja. If I wear one of those rings when I am naked, it presses my balls to the front. In other words, the package is being nicely presented.
If I do not wear a ring over a longer period of time, I somehow feel less comfortable with myself, not as strong and more insecure, both in normal life and during sex.

NMHW: How about the JPhyton and JBoa?

Jelle: In short: when worn at the base both Velv’Or ConStricts ensure that all the blood stays in the penis. The veins become more prominent and my erection gets rock hard. The moment before coming is extremely intensified because it feels like the semen struggles to find their way out. Climaxing is so heavenly and can’t be experienced like this in any other way. Of course my partner also enjoys a super hard cock.

NMHW: This sounds all pretty amazing! It makes me wonder if a guy will still want to have sex without wearing a penis ring…

Jelle: Of course he will, but it has to be said that with a ring the experience is completely different. The feeling can be addictive, just like a favourite sex toy can be for a woman. And because an EnRinged penis feels differently for women too, it can very well be she will want him to wear it more often as well.

NMHW: How do women respond to guys wearing one of your products?

Jelle: Compared to how men in many cases respond to vibrators and dildo’s for the ladies, women react far more positive when they see a man wearing one of my toys. For them a toy is not seen as competition. Women take their time to have a good look at his package, feel around, press and play with the part of Velv’Or King JCobra, JCobra or JNaja that hits the perineum and see how the penis reacts to the stimulation. Women get curious and start to imagine what it would be like if she would be holding and pulling his testicles like the BG003 ball stretcher from BeauGosse does. They like to experiment and observe how he enjoys it.


Jelle - Velv'Or

NMHW: You once wrote me that you feel many men don’t have a clue what is sexually good for them. What do you mean by that?

Jelle: In my opinion, most men do not consciously concern themselves with their sexual feelings. They only do it while they are masturbating or having sex, usually only focussing on climaxing as the ultimate goal. The rest of the day their sexual feelings are dormant. They do not do penis workouts, PC muscle exercises or take any special ingredients that are sexually healthy for him and help him be more aware of his sexual sensations, even when he is not having sex.

Due to the fact that the press hardly communicates about male sexual health or male sexuality in general, this is no surprise. A regular magazine for men writes about how he can optimally please his partner, shares the daily sex position, gives ten tips on how his partner can give him the perfect blowjob, topics like that. That’s perfectly fine and fun to read, but what they really should be writing about is what his body, his penis, his anus, experience during sex, what he can do to intensify these sensations and have even more fun. A magazine does not explain how she can help a man do bicep exercises, he has to do them himself. Same goes for exercises and tools such as my toys that help a man get the most out of his sexual experiences.

Velv'Or - CobraVelv'Or - NajaVelv'Or - Beaugosse

NMHW: Last but not least: can you suggest some exercises?

Jelle: Sure. When a man does his PC muscle exercises while wearing one of my rings, he tenses his perineum, experiences additional pressure and pumps more blood into his penis. He can do this any time, no matter if he sits, stands, walks or is having sex. I tell you it feels pretty amazing! If he does this during intercourse his penis will feel harder than it has ever been before and his partner enjoys the pulsations in his penis. You can compare it with the Kegel exercises for women: for him it also feels great if she does it while they have sex. Imagine how pleasurable sex will be if both alternate!

By putting the loop of the Velv’Or ConStricts around the glans you can use them for stretching. I sometimes hang a small weight to it and practise swinging. Another thing you can do is wear them around the base while your penis is half-erect, like 30 minutes per session. This helps enlarge the blood chambers. The challenge lies in not getting a full erection and to simply enjoy having a fuller half-erect penis.

Velv'Or - Constricts