Every once in a while I stumble upon a jewel. ‘Penis Poetry’, a film project by artists Antonio da Silva and Andre Medeiros Martins is one of those jewels. It is all about the man and his penis, how he feels about it, what his relationship with his cock is, its relationship towards other cocks, what other people and society think of it. Art and penises. Poetry and penises. If your cock would speak, what would it say?

All the penises have stories to tell. Not all of them are happy endings.” That’s what you will see and hear when you watch Penis Poetry. What interests me, is that the narrator says “Penises are everywhere and modern society has the penis as a cult.” As a symbol the penis is omnipresent, but as a human body part it is still taboo. It has to be big to be a real man. But a big, erect penis is also pornographic. If the penis is small or has an ‘uncommon’ shape, men feel ashamed and hide it.

Antonio da Silva Films

Somehow there always seems a reason for it to hide or be hidden. The penis can make a man feel confident or not confident at all. It has a lot of power, it dominates. It is the center of a man’s world. Maybe it should not get so much attention…

Visually this film may appeal more to homosexual men, but if you put sexual identity aside, this project is insightful for everyone. Many straight men are very ambivalent about cocks, even their own pleasure bringer. Their penises are extremely important. At the same time they don’t consider it attractive or sexy. They don’t want to have a good look at it, not to mention watch other penises. Pickers are competition. Men are very fragile and insecure about their dicks.

So what do you think about your penis? What would its story be if it could talk? Would it be about rejection? Deception? Love?

We have the trailer for you here. For the full version, click here.