… wondered who you are…

Showing nude imagery of yourself is brave, even more so when you are a guy. Women making sexy selfies or having an erotic photoshoot done, is all cool. If men do it, though, it’s weird. Those who do – and who want to somehow share their photos because they are happy with the result – usually share them anonymously and very often without their face. Well guess what, my colleague Christian (37, Vienna, made this website btw!) simply does it without anonymity – and I find it very, very cool! Not to mention… wow!

“Ever since I was a teenager I used to be a bit chubby and unhappy with the way I looked. Recently I decided to take some pictures of myself with the intention of sharing them on NMHW, because for one I am quite happy with what I have achieved with my body in the last two years. Now I feel in some extent attractive – actually attractive enough to feel good about being seen. It is in some way self-affirmation to show these photos on an erotic website.”

Lately things have been changing for me sexually as well. I am a lot more open and not so much ashamed any more. That’s why I have no problem whatsoever to have these pics being out there, my name and my face included. In short, my self-confidence is simply bigger than ever before and honestly, it feels great!”