The last two days I have been hanging out a bit at the re:publica TEN in Berlin, a rather huge conference about the internet, technology and society. What is Gabigirl doing there, you ask? I have no idea. No, just kidding! Last week Theresa Lachner from LVSTPRINZIP, one of Germany’s most famous and may I say most authentic sex bloggers, asked if I could answer some questions about the why’s and hows of NMHW. She was going to talk about sex bloggers on the conference and… wait for it… one more sec… wanted to mention my website! Legendary!
I felt so honoured that I simply had to buy a ticket and be there in person. Thank you again, Theresa, for giving me a moment of fame and showing that we sex bloggers are doing very cool stuff we absolutely do not need to be ashamed of! Unique, sassy Lvstprinzip’s assistant, it was lovely to meet you too! 😉

One of the talks we attended together was one by Elle Nerdinger about sexy versus sexist advertisements. We all know the phrase ‘sex sells‘ and we all know it is true. Giving your product or the advertisement for a product a sexy touch works like a charm. But making something too sexy, or actually sexist, can also backfire big time – or in Elle’s words ‘cause a shit storm‘, end careers and kill companies.
So when do we consider something sexy, when sexist and what can we do to prevent sexism?

You only have to type in ‘sexist ads’ in google and you’ll get so many examples of really evil (= very female-unfriendly) advertisement your eyes start to hurt. It is hard to grasp someone even came up with these ideas!

Sexist Burger King advert

Sexist Burger King advert

The one I am sharing here with you is a typical and very obvious sexist advert. Burger King uses sexy women and have them suggest giving a blow job to your penis by eating a really big, fat, juicy burger in a very sexy fashion. The following questions pop up:

  • Is a burger sexy?
  • Does a burger have to be sexy to be tasty and good?
  • Do you really think that these models even eat burgers?
  • Aren’t these adverts actually rather ridiculous?
  • What’s with the big size suggestion?!

These type of adverts are sexist because they objectify women, use women to make a product such as a stupid hamburger look ‘sexy’ and therefore more desirable to eat, suggesting that you are a sexy woman when you eat a burger and maybe even that you love giving head too.
But beware: this advert is also sexist to men, because it says ‘size matters’. The bigger, the better. The bigger the penis, the higher the chance a sexy woman like the one in the advert will want to put your penis in her mouth. Don’t just laugh about it and say it is funny, because it’s really not funny. Not for us girls and not for you men either.

I wanted to post a Mc Donalds commercial here in which a woman kisses several men, at a bus stop I believe, who all had something to eat at Mc Do. Unfortunately for you I can’t find the video any more, but let me reveal to you that of course she enjoys kissing the guy who has eaten the biggest burger best. Think this is funny? Guys? Think again. You are being judged based on the size of your penis and it is supposed to be just for laughs – to make money.

All in all it is safe to say an advert or a commercial is sexist when:

  • an almost or completely naked body that has nothing to do with the product, such as an almost naked woman lying on a really pretty wooden floor and looking all ready for action – is being shown because this brand of wood feels so good ‘n soft she doesn’t mind being fucked on it… right? You’d happily pay for the back massage afterwards, yes?
  • the gender is being ridiculed/insulted/being made fun of/reduced to her-his sex organs, like a can of beer being held between a woman’s breasts
  • you get the feeling something isn’t fair about it – the sexiness is a one-way street, so to speak. He desires sex, she provides sex – and oh isn’t she a little slut for doing so!
She's such a slut for giving in to her desires...

She’s such a slut for giving in to her desires…

An advert or commercial becomes sexy when both genders are involved; when you as a spectator get the feeling your fantasies are being fed as well; when an advert is smart and funny – yes, intelligence is crazy sexy!

Although I am not against adverts with more naked men, we should be aware of the fact that the solution to the problem does not lie in ‘let’s get even with men and show lots of them bastards naked’. It lies in realising that both women and men are not sex objects, that it simply does not fit to a burger to suggest it is sexy to eat it as if you are blowing the burger and that there are smarter ways to promote a product than by showing a pair of boobies or an ass. Sex is sex. A burger is a burger. Elle would probably say: have a cute cat eat the burger!

I haz' burger!

I haz’ burger!

I can’t help but getting zesty here 🙂 Unique, this one is for you: look closely, the details (such as the melting, sighing butter…) are the best! Oops! Let’t get zesty…