The following images are of a man called Geoff. He has been very eager to show his body to you ladies – and share the reason why. Enjoy!

(un-)dress to impress 2_12(l)[BW] (1)

“I recently crossed the age of 50 but for as long as I can remember, I enjoy being naked in front of women, starting from my early experience at university as a nude model for art classes. My introduction to being naked in front of women, their eyes gazed on me painting or drawing my body, provided me with tremendous satisfaction. Observing their blushing cheeks and hearing them giggle making silly remarks provided me with a pleasure beyond words. My love for nudity has no direct link with the need for sexual satisfaction, and reject any connection with male dominated porn, which to me is not only boring, but often humiliating to women and men alike.”

(un-)dress to impress 1_11(r)[BW]

“Most of the people (men) with whom I work and live think differently. The few times I talked about this subject, they pictured me as an exhibitionist (perhaps so). But there is nothing more pleasant than seeing a blush or a smile on the face of a woman the moment she notices my nudity. The situation is that I AM NAKED (and thus vulnerable) and that SHE CAN make the decision to enjoy the sight, to look back and watch again, to return and wave her hand to me, or…. , to turn her head and move on. The question of who at that particular moment in time was in control just became irrelevant.”

(un-)dress to impress 2_13(l)[BW]

“The adrenaline rush, the sensation of being nude in front of women has become quite addictive. I have to admit that I get excited by the exhibitionist side of it (not necessarily in the sense of arousal), but more than anything else, the part that attracts most to me is the fact that it makes a woman feel good. Some women actually admit that it helped them in building more self-esteem from shooting male nude photos. As mentioned earlier, the sense of power and ‘being in control’ has a lot to do with it (the male subject being nude and thus vulnerable). As a matter of fact, some of the ladies that I have met and with whom I remained contact have become more explicit about their sexual preferences. That alone (removing a taboo) is my greatest reward.”

“All of that to say that women are amazing, they are superior to men and they fully deserve the chance to “dominate” us, after centuries of male domination (prostitution, porn, etc).”

“So all of you fantastic ladies out there, I am yours to please you, in my most humble and naked way possible.”