I don’t know why I am here again, at this bar, with the usual suspects and their same old pick-up lines. Most of the men I’ve seen before. Some know they don’t need to try. Others are drunk enough to come up to me and give it a second or third go. Their chit-chat bores me. Why can’t men simply say what they want… They either pussyfoot around or lack the creativity to be blunt in a smart, sexy way. It’s always the same. Yet I am standing here, against the wall, looking for a spontaneous adventure of which I know won’t let itself be found on command. No new faces. No one catches my eye. No scent seduces the slumbering curiosity in me to taste something new. I should have known better. It’s not going to happen tonight, so I might as well leave. I finish my drink, fetch my jacket and ascend the stairs toward the exit. As soon as the door opens, fresh air hits me in the face. A soft sigh of relief escapes from my mouth. I am glad I am outside, surrounded by empty streets and away from the sexual despair underneath me. For a moment I take in the silence of the sleeping city. Then I go on my way. No taxi this time, I will walk. Need to clear my head a bit.

At night the world smells different, new and lucid, without this ever present dull odour of every day life. I listen to my footsteps, making sure mine are the only ones I hear. I don’t feel threatened in this part of town, but still it doesn’t hurt to be cautious. To make sure I turn around to check. There is no one behind me. I am all alone. My thoughts are back with me now, pondering why I just can’t let go of this one memory I so desperately want to re-live. Why can’t I put it in a drawer, lock it up and throw away the key? I should be happy it has happened to me once. Chemistry is a bitch; it hits you when it wants to, not you. I should just leave it at that and forget about it. Really, what am I thinking…

I pass a shopping window and stop. My reflection seems to wonder what I am doing out here in the middle of the night as well. This distraught expression on my face, the disappointment of the evening… hey need to go. I adjust my top and skirt, push my hair up and force a smile.
“That’s better. Now let’s get moving”, I say out loud. As I turn to get on my way someone passes me by, rudely bumping his shoulder against mine. It hurts.
“What the hell?!”
I turn around, meaning to tell this ass he should watch where he is going. But no words come out of my mouth. This man is standing there, in the shadows, only a few feet away from me. I think he is saying he is sorry, but my ears seem blocked. I am only aware of him staring at me, of his eyes locking into mine. I can’t do anything but gaze back. My heart is pounding. I am stunned. This split moment does not seem to have an end. What is happening here?
He moves. He is coming up to me now. He is so close, his body almost touching mine. I do not move away. I can’t… I… don’t want to. No words, only the expression on his face acknowledging this curious, feverish connection.
He grabs my hand and starts walking, pulling me with him. I say nothing. My legs are moving, one foot after the other. My brain is not in control. I can’t think, no alarm goes off. It’s all empty inside. I only know I have no choice but to let myself be led by him. As we walk a breeze of his aftershave waves towards me. I know this scent, something from the past. It ignites me.

His pace is fast. I almost stumble over my own feet trying to keep up. We go left and right, getting into one street after another. I don’t recognize where we are. There are hardly any street lights, it’s too obscure for me to see. Suddenly he pulls me into what seems to be a blind alley. It’s so dark I can’t be sure. I have no time to look. He pushes me up against the wall. His body forces me to stay exactly where I am. His eyes catch mine again. I don’t know him, he’s stranger, yet everything about him seems strangely familiar. His face comes closer, mine automatically moves towards him. We kiss, carefully at first, trying to get a taste of each other’s lips, then eagerly and hungry for more. His tongue plays with mine lusciously, just how I like it. My hands caress his back, his shoulders, then wander up to grab his hair. He is holding me by the waist. One hand goes up and massages my breast through my clothes. Then it goes down, slips under my top and moves back up again. As he bites my neck, my ear, kisses his way back to my mouth, he rhythmically presses his crotch against my pussy. I feel his erection and sense how my undies are getting wet. I try to sigh silently but I can’t. My arms drop down from his head, I pull out his shirt to feel his skin. Then I take his ass and press him closer. Now I can feel his hard cock even better. I am getting more moist and moan uncontrollably.

He stops kissing me for a moment, takes both my hands and with one hand fixates them above my head. He gives me a cheeky smile, then pulls my top and the left cup of my bra down, revealing my naked breast. My nipple stiffens. He holds it, squeezes it tight, then bends over to suck it. His lips return to mine, his free hand moves down, lifts up my skirt and slips into my panties. He groans contentedly as he discovers how soaked I am. His fingers start working immediately, circling around my clit, then slowly sliding up and down my pussy, spreading my moistness and moving back towards my clit. It gets so warm… This glowing sensation drives me crazy. As he fondles my clit again I know I will come soon.
“Don’t… stop”, I whisper in his ear. “So close…”
“I won’t”, he says softly.
He continues rubbing me. My body starts to shiver, my legs weaken. I close my eyes and give in to my orgasm, fully relishing the adrenaline that’s shooting trough my spine directly into my brain.
After this delicious, drug-like feeling has faded away, he gently removes his hand from my panties. His puts his moist index and middle finger in his mouth, then in mine. I lick them and look at him with challenging anticipation. His cheeky smile has turned into a broad grin. This is not over yet.

“Turn around.”
I do as he says. I lean my arms against the cool exterior wall. He lifts my skirt all the way up to my waist. My wet panties drop down to my ankles. I listen how he unfastens his belt, unzips his pants. Impatiently I present my ass to him. With one thrust his cock slides all the way inside me. We both moan loud. My pussy still pulsates from my orgasm. I feel how it tightens around his cock. He likes it. I like it. “Please, please…”, I beg.
He waits just a second. Both hands have my hips in a tight grip, so tight it will show traces tomorrow. Then he moves firmly, back and forth, letting his cock almost slide out of me, then thrusting it back in completely. He gets faster and groans heavily. My breasts bounce in his rhythm. It feels so good. The desire to come a second time grows stronger. With one hand I start to pleasure myself. “Tell me when you are coming”, he moans.
I focus on his moves, the sound of his flesh touching mine as he thrusts faster and faster. My fingers keep up with him. It won’t be much longer for both of us. Just a little bit longer… Unexpectedly he seizes my neck and holds it firmly.
“Ahhh yes… now…”, I gasp.
He doesn’t let go. The fingers of his other hand dig deeper into my waist. I feel how his cock gets even harder. As he explodes inside me I come together with him, this time even more satisfying and fulfilling.

For a while we just stand there, our bodies still connected and shaking, catching our breath. His grip loosens. He makes me turn around and kisses me while he wipes strains of hair from my face. He zips his pants, fastens his belt. He kneels down, kisses the inside of my thighs and pulls my panties back up. I stand there, not comprehending what has happened, simply letting him rearrange my clothes like I’m only a little girl. He gets back up, takes a step back and smiles more shyly now, like he is surprised by his own actions. It makes me giggle.
“It will be morning soon. I’d like to make you breakfast. Will you come with me?”, he asks.
“I think I’ll want more than just breakfast…”, I say.
“Good.” He laughs. “My name is Tom by the way.”
“Hi Tom, I’m Rachel.”
Tom takes my hand and starts shaking it.
“Hello Rachel, such an unexpected pleasure!”
“Yeah, so much for stranger danger, though…” I reply.
We both start laughing.
The air is changing. The sun is about to come up. It’s a new day and I am open for anything.



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Stranger Danger
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