The following photo is the first winning contribution for the NMHW competition!

The photographer, who is also the model, let himself be inspired by the theme “curves”. It is often said that the female body is more sexy and sensual than the male body because she has curves. We all know this to be an invalid argument, for men have very beautiful, erotic and yummy curves too. The contribution by CFNMGUY is therefore another wonderful addition to proof this point.

“I believe the Panton chair fits to the theme “curves”. It gives the image a “classic” look. The image has something relaxed about it and apart from me being completely naked, it also shows a bit of a submissive side…” – CFNMGUY

We have to admit, the photo does seem to be an invitation for some spanking 😉

Photographer and model: cfnmguy

Congratulations, CFNMGUY! Send us more and enjoy the book!