I have been thinking about writing something about the male ass for quite some time now, for it’s one of my favorite male body parts. I love the shape, the firmness and the soft skin. I love looking at them, and even more touching, kissing and squeezing them. Whenever Boyfriend passes me by in his comfy pants or boxershorts, bends forward or offers me another window of opportunity, I pull them down and have a look at them. Sometimes it annoys him, but hey, me likes them! 🙂

Up until a few years ago, it would never have crossed my mind to do anything else with the male behind but carress it. I am not sure why. Definitely not because I thought it was something for gay men only. I just was not in to ass – for I considered the ass an exit, not an entrance – and I lacked knowledge. Therefore my own ass was a well-guarded restricted area as well. But when mine slowly but surely started to get explored, I felt the least I could do was to return the favour.

When couples come to my shop and the men try to convince their girlfriends or wives to buy a toy for anal pleasure – with the intention for them to use on the female behind of course – not only my need for equal treatment wants to get satisfied; I see a challenge! So I start talking about how nice it is for him to use it to stimulate the prostate. In the almost twelve months that I am working in the erotics shop, all reactions are the same: the woman starts laughing and shaking her head (for she knows he is so not into that); the man grabs his ass in distress and tells me ‘no way‘.
My answer: ‘do you know that by ignoring your anus, you deny yourself 50% of your sexuality?‘ All I can do then, is hope that thought somehow makes them think – and their curiosity awakens.

Many hetero sexual men don’t mind playing with ours, but do not let us ladies go down on theirs. Not only unfair – for hey: quid pro quo – but silly too. Apart from the fact that there are many nerv ends in and around the anus to stimulate by touching and kissing, the male prostate is the equivalent of the female G-spot. Massaging it gently can lead to intense, mind-blowing good orgasms, even without touching anything else. Combine it with other pleasurable acts and it can drive the man insane – in a positive sense! Why deny a loving woman the fulfillment of giving this experience to her man?

So gentlemen, think twice – and think hard – when your lady offers to love you from behind 🙂