The Good Neighbour‘ is a short naughty story, dedicated to a friend of mine from my World of Warcraft days, J. Some time ago he wrote to me that he has been pleasuring himself in front of his apartment window while several cheeky neighbour ladies watch and return the favour. The idea turned me on – a lot – and inspired me to come up with my version of his sexy, almost altruistic confession. It’s not that explicit, just a little teaser to get your imagination going. 
When I moved to this neighbourhood, into this small but quite comfortable apartment, I was far from happy about it. At least at first. It’s a huge apartment block that actually used to be a bit like a ghetto. In other words, not the kind of place you’d wander about late at night – or during the day for that matter. A few years ago a couple of bored and wealthy investors saw the opportunity to renovate and upgrade the area. Now it’s an expensive hotspot for yuppies and students with rich parents. The developers were never able to get rid of its ghetto image completely, or maybe they did not want to. It for sure has gotten a lot more tolerable and safe to live here, though. The rent skyrocketed, of course, but at least I do not need to travel far to the university where I study. The student bar I work for is more or less around the corner and since my apartment is on the 12th floor, I can enjoy a wonderful view of the city – and as it turned out some surprisingly naughty neighbours.

The first time it happened it was not planned. Honestly. It was a particularly hot day in early August. The university was closed for the summer, so I was doing shifts at the bar almost every evening to fill up my pockets. In winter business is always less. My boss would need help accordingly, so now was the time to get some extra cash to take away my financial worries. 
One early morning, after my night shift had finished, it was already extremely warm and humid. That evening a woman in the bar had caught my eye. She’d flirted with me, but carefully, for she was not alone. She left with her boyfriend, leaving me nothing but a smile that said ‘if only…’. I had gone home, my head filled with fantasies of what could have been and a hard-on. I was too tired to do something about my horniness and tried to sleep, but the heat was relentless and drove me out of bed onto my small balcony to catch some air. The temperature difference between inside and outside was neglectable, but somehow being outside at 04:30 in the morning felt better than lying and sweating underneath my sheets. I leaned against the rail, naked, sensing a little summer breeze tickling my bare skin. The city looked so small, the world that surrounded it so big. I enjoyed the view every time. I had to think of the woman in the bar again. She did not do much to seduce me, it was her gaze that fascinated me. Her eyes saying she wanted me, undressing me, while her boyfriend was standing next to her, drinking one pint after another and not even noticing what was going on between us. It was a shame he had been there. She would have gotten home with me, there was no doubt in my mind about that.

I started imagining her in my room, me pulling off her clothes eagerly and hungry for her as soon as we’d entered my place. Throwing her on the bed, myself on top of her, digging my face in her curly brown hair, inhaling her scent and tasting her pale skin… The thought of what could have been made my cock hard again. Without thinking I grabbed it and started stroking it. I closed my eyes, returned to my fantasy of her, how she would ride me, her beautiful breasts bouncing up and down as I thrust her. Our eyes holding each other captive, not scared to see the pleasure we were giving one another.

I was already close to coming when I felt the sudden need to open my eyes again and check my surroundings. That early in the morning I did not expect anyone else being on the adjacent balconies as well, but somehow I felt the need to be sure. My eyes wandered to the balcony left of mine. No one there. Then I looked to the one on the right. A woman quickly turned her face away, trying pointlessly not to give me the impression that she had seen me. Her cheeks were flushed and she obviously was not able to get rid of the smirk on her face. I could have reacted shocked, but somehow the situation amused me. I gave her a challenging smile and said:
“Good morning…”
She turned her head back to me.
“Hi…” she answered, looking at me for just a split second and then staring to the ground.
“Are you enjoying… the view?”
Nothing. Then she nodded.
“Shall I continue?” I asked.
She raised her face. Her eyes had gotten twice as big.
“Yes, please do.”
“Okay. Then pull your top up. I want to look at you.”
She did what I asked for. She was not wearing a bra. Her breasts were perfect, round and perky. Her nipples stiffened. My cock got harder. She could not see it, but she could very well observe my arm moving as I was jerking off.
“Touch yourself,” I said.

With both hands she caressed her breasts, she squeezed her nipples between her fingers. I so wished it was me doing the squeezing. Then her hand slid down between her legs. She sighed with pleasure. With her index finger she smeared some of her pussy fluid on her breast. The moistness glittered on her skin. The rest she licked off, all the time watching me. No more shyness.

I had tried to be silent at first, but now I couldn’t give a damn any more and moaned loudly as I continued wanking. She did the same. If anyone else had been watching, we both wouldn’t have cared. We just wanted to come, right there and then.

Once I was close I pulled my cock as far up as I possibly could. I wanted her to see me come. She knew what was about to happen and already stood on the tip of her toes. Then I came, shooting my load all over my stomach. Some of it sprayed over the rails. As she watched me in complete ecstasy, she rubbed her pussy vigorously. She grabbed the rail of her balcony tight and came just a few seconds after me.

A voice called out. I couldn’t hear very well, it was too soft. It seemed to have come from my neighbour’s apartment, for she instantly looked towards the door, quickly pulled her top down, whispered “thank you!” and promptly disappeared inside. I stood there for a while, smiling with disbelief. Then I got inside as well, took a shower, fell into bed and slept until early afternoon.

My fridge was empty. If I wanted to eat something before my shift later that evening I had to get some groceries. I put on some clothes, left the apartment and when to the supermarket downstairs. As I walked passed the vegetables, I saw my neighbour – and she noticed me. She was not alone. A woman was holding her by her arm. She moved her face towards her ear, pushed some of her hair to the side and whispered something. They both giggled. Then they approached me.

“This is the neighbour from the other side of your flat. She will come over to my flat tonight. My husband won’t be there. She wants to watch as well. Same time then?”
I was staggered.
“It should be quite warm again,” the other woman added, as if I would need a good argument to be persuaded to appear naked on my balcony. I did not.
“Ehm, yes… okay.”
“Good. See you then.”
They turned around, tittered some more and left me there, dumbfounded. Needless to say all three of us had fun that following morning.

That was about one month ago. Now, whenever they feel like it, they leave me a short message in my mailbox: neighbourly help requested, tonight.
I, being a good neighbour, willingly comply.

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