FingerFoot is the first part of The List Stories, a new erotic short stories series on NMHW by Esther. A man and a woman try out a new game, something that is on their list of secret fantasies only they know of… 
“I am not feeling so well, again…”
“Oh, you poor thing, let me check if you have a fever.”
She puts her hand on his forehead and makes a face of serious concentration.
“Yes, you still do. Just like yesterday. Hmm… what to do with you…”
“Maybe you have something in your doctor’s bag that could make me feel better”, he suggests while looking at her brown fake leather bag.
“Well, let me see… I’ve got some rope and a pair of handcuffs with me.”
“I think that could do the trick.” He gives her an anticipating look.
“I have been looking at that chair all evening. It’s ugly…”, he continues.
“True. Let’s see if the chair looks better with you on it. Go on, sit down.”
He gets up from the bed. She observes him. He is almost naked, only wearing his boxer shorts. She loves looking at him, his skinny body, the way he moves, his hard-on showing through his shorts.
He sits down. She opens her bag, takes out the ropes and the soft leather cuffs. Many times she had fantasised about this moment, what she’d wear, how she would tie him up, gone through all the moves in her head. Tonight it was not going to be the whole program, unfortunately, but that did not matter. All she wanted was to please, let him have his fantasies come to life. The ones only she knew of. The ones on the list. She’d have fun too – and her private pleasure moment alone in her room afterward. The night before he’d allowed her to do something on her list, so it was only fair she’d return the favour – willingly.
First she takes the cuffs, binds his thin wrists together behind the chair. With the ropes she fixates his feet to the front legs of the chair. There is enough rope left, so she connects the cuffs to them as well. As she gets up, her kisses cover his shoulders, his neck. She takes in his scent. She is pleased with the result. Not bad for a first time.
She positions herself in front of him, on her knees, enjoying the view and the anticipation in his eyes. Her lips wander over his legs, her hands caress his soft skin, slide over his shorts as only to tease him. She doesn’t want to wait. They need to drop right now. She pulls. His cock is free now, hard and already slightly wet. She licks the tip, tasting him. He tastes so good, as always. Perfection. Her tongue slides over his balls, then the full length of his dick. She lets it slide into her mouth, all the time looking in his amazing grey eyes. She’d never dared to watch during what she refers to as a blow hobby, not a blow job, but with him it is a necessity. It is part of their unspoken intimacy.
“I want to try something.”
She takes off her socks, pulls the legs of her black jogging pants up. She lays herself down on her back in front of him. The carpet scratches her skin. It doesn’t matter. Her feet move up towards his belly. With her toes she caresses his cock. He enjoys it. Both feet grab him, pressing a bit more. Up and down now. He watches what she is doing, moaning softly as she strokes him. She wants to touch herself. Her hand moves inside her pants. So good, but it’s hard to focus on herself and on him at the same time.
“Show me what you are doing…”
I’m not getting what I’ve been yearning for, so he is not going to get it all either, she thinks kind of childishly.
Her feet move up and down, slower, faster again. Whenever she feels he is getting close, she presses them on his belly. Not yet.
One foot crawls up his chest. He lets his head drop toward it, licks her toes tenderly, his eyes closed. He told her once he thinks her feet are pretty. She also likes them. Now even more, seeing how he loves them so much. Her toes disappear into his mouth, warm and moist. The sensation turns her on. It almost feels like he is licking her pussy. She allows herself this moment and rubs her clit again. Her fingers slide down, then inside her. She takes her hand out and smears the moist on his legs. A grin on his face. Now he knows how wet she is. That information he is allowed to have.
She lets her foot drop and starts rubbing his cock again. He closes his eyes.
“I want you to look at my feet.”
He does what she says.
“When you come, I want you to keep on looking. Do not turn your face away.”
He is close again. She has a cramp in her left leg. She ignores it. With him she doesn’t just endure the pain, she enjoys it.
She stops again, just a second or two. He tries to press his legs together. No. She spreads them. Again. And again. One more time. And another, He fights his orgasm, but now she wants it. Her feet press his cock harder, move a bit faster up and down. He keeps looking. He moans louder. Then he comes, spraying it all over her feet and bare leg. His orgasm is long. She makes sure he is completely finished before she stops. Her legs shake. He looks at her. Satisfied. Silence.
“I want to make a picture of you like this”, she says. “Is that okay? It’s for my eyes only.”
He nods.
She places her feet left and right from his cock again. He is still hard.
“Let your head fall back. Yes, like that.”
She takes the picture. What a sweet memory.
She gets on her hands and knees, bends towards his crotch and licks some of the cum of his cock.
She crawls to the back of the chair, frees his hands. Then back to the front to release his feet. The ropes have left a mark on his ankles.
“Ohh, sexy…”, she whispers. He smiles.
“You can go back to bed now.”
She lies beside him, her head resting on his chest, letting in his wonderful scent and listening to his heart beating. They’re both silent, as always after sex. She imagines him speaking of things he will never speak of. It does not matter. In this moment she is happy, even if it hurts the rest of the time.
After a while her hand wanders toward his boxers. They are wet. His cock is hard again.
“Seems the treatment is not quite finished yet”, she says as she takes the shorts off.
“You need another orgasm.”
He does not object.
Her mouth eagerly moves down. This time she’d taste and swallow it all.