Recently a befriended photographer asked me if I wanted to pose for an erotic photo shoot. I was surprised to say the least, for I’d never imagine someone wanting to photograph me like that. Not that I am such a pain for the eye. I just do not consider myself the type of woman suitable for posing. I am pretty sure my intentional seductive man eating face looks rather silly. Unless I am throwing in my twinkle, twinkle little star Bambi eyes, but that only happens when the situation is real – and out of my control 😉

I’d like something like this… Sorry, no clue where I got this image from…

A few years ago I might would have given it a go. In fact, during a moment of light intoxication, I once made some halfway sexy pics of myself as a Valentine’s present for my husband. But after one pregnancy, an unplanned Caesarean delivery, breastfeeding, a depression belly and turning 40 soon I am not particularly luscious anymore. Of course this is the brainwashed-by-society-me speaking. See? I am just as easily influenced by advertisements and beauty articles in glossy magazines as any other woman – although for psychological damage control’s sake I do try to avoid reading all that nonesense.

Quote by Coco Chanel

Getting back to the point: I got chicken and explained to him why I’d rather not. Today he sent me a link to a photo project called The Nu Project. Over 250 women from North America, South America and Europe participated by sharing a nude picture of themselves. The message of the project is simple: you are beautiful. When I blend out all the ‘opinions’ of what beauty should be – something that changes every decade by the way – I do find these images refreshing, honest and beautiful.

One of the Nu Project entries which I like a lot!

So dear creative minds behind The Nu Project: please continue the good work and – very important!!! – start a male version of the project as well! Because men are also beautiful – especially completely naked! 🙂

Photographer: Russ Freeman