Women feel mysteriously attracted to it. It awakens their curiosity. They want to know what it is to like to have it – what it feels like to use it… Unfortunately, we ladies will never know. The only thing we can do, is befriend it.

One of the most beautiful, deeply intimate friendships is the one that exists between The Penis and us. Therefore I’d like to take a moment and explain why women are oh so very fond of it.

Women have a strong tactile sense. Soft materials make them feel all warm and cuddly. The skin of The Penis feels soft like silk. This makes it a very desirable object for the female touch.

Women love to cuddle. The more, the better. It is something they have in common with The Penis.

Stress is something women nowadays are not unfamiliar with. To relax, The Penis can be the perfect stress relief – manually and otherwise. Therefore women don’t need to waste money on stress balls. The Penis is a money saver!

The female species is a very curious species. They like to investigate. The Penis and the different sizes it can grow or shrink to – under specific conditions – fascinates women greatly. They love to observe closely and experiment thoroughly.

The Penis is not ashamed to show his lady friend how happy he is to see her. He pokes her, lets her know he is there for her. Women do appreciate these gestures. The Penis has excellent communication skills – often more so than its owner.

One way to a woman’s heart, is to give her presents. The Penis is a giver by nature.

And last but not least, the penis knows his woman’s innermost secrets. He sees her true identity and loves her for it. What else can we do but love him back 🙂

*Note: this is an older article by my hand!