“I did it, I did it, oh yeah, yeah, yeah… I squirted last night!” Okay, I am being nerdy here, but it’s true! Last night I squirted for the very first time in my life and after 24 hours I am still floating in marvellous happy clouds. It was not how I expected it would be, which confused me a little bit. There are so many ‘articles’ out there about squirting, what it is and especially how to do it. For me it was hardly like that. In my humble opinion most of those articles are more about the authors wanting to show off than giving genuine how-to tips. Because it is important to me that women (and curious, naked men who like to be of assistance) know that there is no one recipe for anything, I’d like to share my first squirting experience with you. I never thought it would happen and all of a sudden, at 41,5 and without even trying, it just did. So who knows this information might turn out to be useful to you. 

I was actually watching TV and not feeling particularly horny when the idea of playing a bit with myself popped up in my head. You know, for relaxation purposes. Lately, I have been having trouble falling asleep, so I figured why no give it a try and see if I can sleep better. I got up and fetched my two favourite sex toys, a glass dildo and a vibrator called Vanity Vr6.5 by Jopen – no paid product promotion by the way! – which I have fondly re-named after an ex-lover. No telling, his name remains a secret, sorry 🙂 Apart from Vanity I never enjoyed the use of vibrators. To me the few orgasms they’ve given me always felt sort of superficial, unsatisfactory and therefore not worth the trouble. I actually won Vanity by means of a raffle and was sceptical as usual. But this vibrator pleasantly surprised me. I still prefer the dildo, but sometimes a change of scenery is desired. Last night I did something I had never done before: I used them both at the same time. 

First I switched on Vanity and let it rest a bit on my vulva. By the way, what makes this vibrator so great, is that it has two independent motors. This means you can choose which motor to switch on: just the shaft, just the upper part for clitoral stimulation, or of course both. You can also adjust the speed of each motor separately. Really, two thumbs up for these two features! Ah yes, and it doesn’t rotate, which is very good because for me rotating vibrators hurt – in an unpleasant way that is. I chose to activate both motors and took my time stimulating my outer and inner labia, plus my clitoris. After a while I increased the speed. Then the sensation of my clitoris being inflamed came, spreading itself all over my pussy. This was the first surprise, for it seldom happens. In fact, few sex partners have been able to awaken that feeling. Me never. I inserted the dildo and started thrusting. After a minute or so I felt fluid spraying out of me. It happened quickly, like a shot from a water pistole. It wasn’t a huge amount of fluid, but enough to make my hand and my ass wet. It was odourless and colourless like water, but not as fluid. I’d say somewhere in between water and egg white. And: I had not come. 

My first reaction was: “huh?” Then I had to laugh… from happiness! Even though I did not have an orgasm, the experience released a bunch of happy hormones. It was fulfilling and relaxing. Still, I did not want to stop just there and continued with both toys. Somehow my pussy felt kind of numb, so it took me a long time to climax. I had to put the vibrator away. It was too much stimulation. When I finally came with the help of my fingers, it was absolutely fantastic. W00t!

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If you search for information about squirting, you will almost always read that the woman consciously squeezes/presses the fluid out of her as soon as she feels she can. I did not do that and as I said, the squirt took my by surprise. The only thing I did, was moving my pelvis up and down, but other than that I did not squeeze or press. What I did notice, was that the spraying sensation did not come from the middle but from the right side from my vulva. I am not sure if this is relevant, but who knows. Anyway, I was startled and wanted to know if the way it happened for me was out of the ordinary. A few months ago I’d found a website through Twitter that is completely devoted to the topic of squirting called OHGUSH.COM. I was a bit embarrassed PM-ing the young woman behind this project, but I felt she would answer my questions honestly. And so she did. 

There is no one way to squirt, just like there is no one way to orgasm or one perfect vibrator for everyone. We are all individuals. Our bodies do not respond equally to a certain type of stimulation. What your best friend likes might very well be uninteresting or even horrible to you. And that is okay! It is great to share experiences and have them stimulate you to explore your own body, but they are nothing more than suggestions and ideas. Don’t let any one pressure you into thinking you are not sexual enough. I know, that is easier said than done, but take it from me: if you let go of all the extrinsic pressure and just allow yourself to enjoy your own body like I did – and will continue to do in my own oh so sweet way – you will experience more pleasure and you might surprise yourself along the way.  

Still, if you want to read some proper information about squirting, I can highly recommend OHGUSH