Lily had this thing about uniforms going on. Fire fighters working down the road who gave her wet dreams. One day, she thought, she would have sex with one of them. The tall ginger one, his arms coloured with tattoos was about her age, had caught her eye. He was in his late 30’s and sure the one in charge of his fellow fire fighters. He had this way of looking famished at her when they saw each other in the street. Maybe he was not only into rescuing kittens from cherry trees?
Judith, Lily’s sister, gave her once that calendar with not even halfway clad fire fighters, their chests shiny of oil holding the hose in a most suggesting way. It did nothing for Lily. She needed to see a bit more of their uniform to get turned on, rather than less. In her fantasy it was obvious that the ginger one would not keep his pants up for too long.
Lily was the kind of woman Destiny’s Child sang about: making her own money and being in control of her own life. She was divorced and had, for the time being, no intention to change this status. A guy she could fall in love with was nothing she worried about. One who could handle an independent woman like Lily would cross her path sooner or later. Of that she was convinced Until then, she had decided fun with all sorts of lovers was on her menu if she felt like it. Besides, there was always Jules, her Belgian friend with benefits, if nobody else was there to share some physical joy with Lily.

It was sometime early spring that year when Lily decided to try to live without a car. A few months later, as summer arrived, Lily had sold her vehicle and tried to get used to public transport and riding her new bike in the city, till that one late sunny afternoon, riding her bike and lost inthoughts. Lily crossing one of the major squares in town with three roadways on each side of the green. She did not notice the lights turning red and that the traffic on her side came to a complete stand still. She started to put her feet on the pedals when out of nowhere a police car rushed her way. The policeman at the steering wheel shouting at her through the open window. Although she didn’t understand him, it was obvious he was not shounting anything friendly at her. Despite the fact that she almost became the new hood ornament on this police car,s wanted him to be at least halfway decent and polite. Lily decided it was something like “silly woman!” As she looked at him getting out of the car, impressively slammed the door stamping torwards her, his face almost green with anger, she knew “silly woman!” would not even come close.
When he reached her, she realized how well build this dark haired officer was.
“You know what you just did, Ma’m?”
“Yes, officer, I know. I am very sorry!”
“Are you!” He did not look at her and this was clearly not a question.
“Yes, officer I have never do something like this. Never had a single accident in my life. I don’t know what came over me, really.”
The moment her voice went up at least one octave up, Lily instantly realised she fancied him.
“Did you drink alcohol today, Ma’m? Did you use any narcotics?”
Lily shook her head, inwardly smiling about finding herself aroused in this serious situation.
“We have to make a test, Ma’m”
“Sure”, Lily agreed obediently and allowed his companion, who had by now gotten out of the car as well, to explain her how she would need to blow that little whistle in order to test if she was drunk. Both officers watched her blowing on that plastic piece for a minute and then making her walk a line, not looking down.
“Zero” said the handsome angry officer, not putting his mirrored sunglasses off while taking a note. He had calmed down, maybe because she clearly was obeying him. Or maybe because he risked a glanced on her promising cleavage.
Lily did only have her insurance card on her. The wallet with her ID card she had forgotten at home. She handed it over to him being very apologetic that she did not have her id card on her. He asked for her address.
“Dr. Myer, this incident will be followed by legal proceedings. You understand this?”
“Of course”, Lily said, not being used somebody addressing her with her academic degree in social science that was printed on her insurance card.
Her thoughts wandered off again. She would have allowed him to bite her neck, right there in public, Lily thought. She was not used to being submissive, but there on that square, she was. Maybe it is the uniform, Lily thought. Maybe. Or his good looks in combination with the uniform.
“It will take about a week until you get a letter from us”.
“Sure, thank you, officer” was all Lily could say before they bid farewell.
She expected to pay a few hundred Euros for her mistake, which was not something she was particularly thrilled about. But the thought of that tall hunky officer maybe having attached a little extra not with his phone number to the promised fine made Lily check her mail box on a daily basis anyway. This was rather untypical for her. Normally sh’d look maybe once a week.

It was an unusual fierce knocking on her apartment door one evening, while Lily was in the shower. She expected Jules coming over for a planned friendly slumber earlier than arranged, so she did not care to get fully dressed and just threw her short black dress over, not bothering any underwear. When she answered the door she almost screamed. Not from shock but from sheer joy.
“I normally don’t do this, Dr. Myer” he said with the notion of a smile, “but I thought we need to discuss your failing a bit, before we press charges against you.”
“Oh, of course, officer”, Lily said, again in a higher voice, “please do come in.”
He was wearing his uniform, that made Lily cheer inwardly, he held his police hat under his arm and the sunglasses he was wearing on the day of the incident hung from the front pocket of his shirt. She tired to calculate in her mind how often she masturbated about him, but his tight pants made it difficult for her to concentrate. Lily asked him to sit on her dark leather sofa and offered him a drink. Not alcoholic, of course, he seemed still on duty. Before sitting down he introduced himself. Officer Korn.
Lily had not remembered his name from their first meeting. Officer Korn, on the other hand, remembered everything, from the moment he saw her on the bike almost killing herself to the moment she was walking that line with closed eyes. Lily didn’t ask for his first name. For her it would do that he was officer Korn.
While sipping their ginger ice tea her eyes where locked on that bulge in his pants. He saw of course where her eyes where fixed on.
For a while no one spoke. The silence between them was not one of the awkward kind. Somehow it pointed the direction his visit would take. Well, to be perfectly frank, the moment he was knocking on Lily’s apartment door, it was no question as to why he was here. He smelled fresh, not after a day’s work and he wasn’t here for a quick visit during his work, he had not brought his gun. He had not turned up for some casual small talk. It was clear what was going to happen. He was here to play.

Lily was used to be the active one, always, but she wasn’t sure whether she should make the move with hunky officer Korn. After a few more sips and continuing silence, she placed her hand on his upper thigh not too far away from the promising bulge.
He looked down on her hand, clearly bemused. Then, in a very official tone, he said “I don’t remember that I invited you to do that, Dr. Myer.”
“Oh I am sorry, officer!”
He grabbed her arm gently and drew her closer to him.
“If it’s alright with you, I decide what ‘s happening now. You have been a bad girl, we both know that, you need to be told what to do …”, he whispered.
“Yes, officer, you are right. Please, tell me.”
Lily was surprised how exciting it was to give him the permission to tell her what to do and where it would lead to.
He suddenly stood up, walked through Lily’s living room to take a look at her vast collection of books.
“Have you read all that Dostojevskij?”
“Yes, officer!”
“I failed with the Brother’s Karamasov … Oh, Elsa Morante! I love her work.”
Lily was a bit confused. He had come over to talk about Italian and Russian literature with her? What was he up to? Was she mistaken with that energy between them, the moment he walked in?
He kept on browsing through her books while stopping to talk to her.
Lily remained on the sofa not sure what to expect. She wanted him, and she was more than willing to obey whatever he had planned for her. She knew that if she’d take initiative again, he would leave and that Lily would not want that to to happen.
“You don’t believe that I came here to fulfil your needs, Dr. Myer?”, he addressed her after a little while.
“No, I don’t officer Korn.”
“I am glad you understand this. Otherwise it wouldn’t make any sense.”
Her was standing behind the sofa now, bending over and holding her with one arm around her shoulder while putting her hair out of the way and biting her neck. She was his prey. Lily felt it. It was excatclty how she wanted it.
He continued to kissed her, gently but demanding at the same time. He sat himself down beside her, took her hand and let it where she had wanted her hand to be, right on the bulge his cock made in his tight police pants.
“Open it” he demanded. Lily obliged happily and pulled the zipper down. keeping a serious face. Some black undies where in the way and Lily looked at the officer whether she could go ahead. He nodded. Quickly she managed to hold his throbbing hard dick in her hand.
“Suck it” he whispered and Lily was more than happy to do so. During the last couple of days when she had been pleasuring thinking of that gorgeous officer she imagined what his cock would look like. Having it in her hands and her tongue on his head she realized it was even more beautiful than she had expected it to be. He moved himself so he was kneeling on the sofa now and he took her hand that was sort of playing with his balls and held it over her head with her other hand. Lily bent forward to suck his cock again. Officer Korn tightened his grip on her hands. His free hand wandered down towards his handcuffs and got them off his belt.
“A naughty girl needs the right treatment” he whispered and Lily nodded fondly. It made her horny, not just wet. This was a new experience for her. Up to now she never allowed a man to do things like that to her. Lily knew how to tie a guy up and control him, but getting hand cuffs around her own wrists was new to her, and oh, how she liked it.
He led her on the carpet and quickly put his right hand under Lily’s dress, while biting her neck. There he did not find any knickers but a juicy pussy and a bare ass. So he grabbed her bottom. Lily heard herself begging him to spank her. What was sie saying! How unusal she was behaving! Lily couldn’t believe the words coming out of her own mouth, but the fantasy of getting a little spanking from officer Korn made her not care. She was hot for him and she wanted more.
“I am not sure if that is what you need right now” he answered.
He forced her to kneel before him, bending down to kiss her intensely, putting playing with his tongue in her ears while he was all the time holding her cuffed hands now behind her back.
“I think you need to be properly fucked, Dr. Myer!”
“Oh yes please, officer, you are absolutely right!”
He told her to kneel on all four and shoved her dress up over her ass, so she was bare for him.
He made her wait. He enjoyed the view.
“Don’t move”, he said. This was getting even more exciting. Lily wasn’t sure whether she should tell him where he would find condoms, but then in the next second she heard the familiar sound of a cracked condom foil.
He was kissing her spine, spreading lots of little pecks over her shoulders made Lily aware of a sweetness in the officer that he could not get rid of, despite all the control and sexual power he wanted to show off to her during his visit. For a moment he laid himself next to her on the carpet. He went for her soft tits and massaged them. This wasn’t part of the officer-doctor-game they played. This was an interlude of tenderness.
When he saw her eyes on his still rock hard dick, he got up and without another word started to fuck her from behind. It did not take much effort. Her hot pussy one was not wet, it was soaking. All that fucking and moaning wasn’t enough. Then he fucked her. Officer Korn couldn’t be sure that Lily would come only because of his dick in her pussy. He reached out to her clit, fondling it and continued fucking her, harder, slower, than faster again, changing the rhythm to keep it exciting for both of them.
The way she was moaning he knew it wasn’t a long way for her to climax. He wanted her bending, shaking and moaning. He knew he had to give this beautiful and obviously clever woman, what she’d been asking for; some spanking on her lovely big ass. He raised his hand and slapped it firmly on each side. Lily answered this with an immediate orgasm and it was so strong that tears where shooting from her eyes. Then she felt a certain softness inside her pussy, she only knew from very rare occasions when she would ejaculate. After she’d caught her breath again, officer Korn came, moaning loud. Despite the condom she could feel the load he was shooting.
For a while they both lay on the floor, silent, satisfied and exhausted. And there it was again his softness. he blew her sweaty hear out of her face, freed her hands from the cuffs. Her Lily’s writs hurt a bit from the metal, but she did not mind. He caressed them with his wonderful sweetness. She turned around to give him his glass and of ice tea. He thanked her politely for it. Although he was still fully dressed and he obviously was sweating a lot, he did not take her offer to use the shower. All he wanted was to finish his ice tea and to leave. As he emptied his glass, the whole situation felt kind of awkward for both of them. But then, after he had put his cock back in his pants and the handcuffs fixated on his belt, the strangeness was gone, it was again sort of officially between them.
He took a card out of the front pocket of his shirt and said “If there is ever an emergency, Dr. Myer, give us a call.”
“Thank you, officer” Lily replied.
After he was gone without a kiss Lily saw a handwritten a mobile number on the official card and smiled.



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