varian viciss

Varian Viciss


In the art world, as well as in mainstream media, the sight of a nude male body is much less common than catching a view of female nudity.

Which is one of the many elements that motivated me to start the Daily Nude SelfPortrait series, which varies greatly in terms of style, but always has the same subject and object: Me – or shall I say: My Self and many selves.

Artist Varian Viciss

is a man who is not afraid to get undressed and show all sides of being a (hu)man. For being a man does not just mean being strong, hiding your vulnerability and emotions, always being horny, having a sixpack and a huge penis that is incessantly ready to go, any time, any place.
With his SelfPortraits Viciss challenges these male stereotypes, appearing feminine or androgynous at times, trying to go beyond gender-fixation and examining more fluid concepts of sexual identity, sexual orientation and I-ness.

On my humble request Varian got out into nature and got himself caught by camera in the most natural way possible. Enjoy his Selfies and his excellent vision on male nudity and sexuality!

varian viciss
I choose to do nude self-portraits for a number of different reasons:
“I consider nudity a powerful multi-faceted metaphor – for transparency, honesty, openness, vulnerability, authenticity, strength, fearlessness, courage. It would be hard, if not impossible, to find clothing that can signify such a wide variety of meanings. So by using my own nude body in my photos and experimenting with pose, minimal props, perspective, lighting, filters etc., I can photograph concepts with a multitude of possible meanings much more easily.

In addition to that,

I like challenging gender stereotypes and the construction of some ideal male in the mass media. Feminists have discussed and questioned the prevalence of a stereotyped female for many years now – but what has escaped attention is that stereotyping of maleness also takes place: The Hollywood-face, the six-pack, the muscles and last but not least the huge porn-star cock that’s always rock-hard and ready to fuck (that many male porn stars, even the young ones, require Viagra or even an injection into their penis to get and keep it up, is one of the best-kept secrets of the PR- spinned, glamourized porn industry).

My looks certainly don’t conform to that stereotype – and many photos in my Daily Nude SelfPortrait project show different shades of maleness or even gender fluidity in order to break up our rigidly programmed perceptions and expectations when it comes to seeing the male nude (in the literal and figurative sense).

Most of my nude self-portraits are consciously de-sexualized, photos with an erection or of a “pornographic” nature are rare. For this series for NMHW I chose a few more “sexual” photos, purposefully placed in nature. Nudity and sex are the most natural human conditions I can think of: We are all made by sex and we are all born in the nude. But since our private parts have been privatised, depictions of nudity and sexuality still come with an association of the forbidden or even the dirty. While not a taboo as such anymore in western society, showing yourself naked or in a sexualized way is still considered “not normal” or “unnatural”, which is why nude photo leaks can still cause such a scandal (and yes, even male nude photo leaks, especially the dick pics of a politician – even though his dick has nothing to do with his politics).

As long as this is the case,

sex and nudity can be exploited – the greater the need for it to be hidden from official public view, the greater the power it holds over us. Oscar Wilde once said: “Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power.” Today we might add: “Everything is secretly about pornography and sex, except pornography. Pornography is about making money.”
By placing nudity and sexuality in the context of art, maybe I can contribute a little bit to break that spell and restore the nude and the sexual to its place in the natural order.”