From a foreigner’s point of view Austria is in many ways a conservative country, afraid of change, with lots of talking but no deeds and an adamant propensity to the good ol’ days. Considering its history and geographical location it’s quite understandable Austria tends to want to keep to herself. However, that very same enclosed country keeps on surprising me, in a good way, for in Vienna, the capital city of Austria, unexpected, provocative, exciting things do happen. The Viennese Rope Festival for instance. Or Conchita Wurst. The Life Ball. Gay-themed pedestrian traffic lights. Naked Bike Ride. And for the first time this year the Vienna Fetish Art & Film Festival.

Vienna Fetish Art Film Festival

Film: Fursonas

Vienna Fetish Art Film Festival

Film: Give me Sex, Jesus

Vienna Fetish Art Film Festival
Maybe it is not so strange for a country in which around three quarters of its population professes to be of Roman Catholic faith to have a fetish-themed festival after all, for the origin of fetishism lies in the religious worshipping of objects that are believed to have supernatural powers and/or have powers over others. Catholic processions are a good example of religious fetishism. 

Psychologically, fetishism is understood as a sexual interest in specific objects, requisites and body parts that are normally not viewed as sexual or erotic, something that is very often perceived to be perverse or even sick. The curators of the first Vienna Fetish Art & Film Festival, Aleksandra Andrejewna and Marijeta Karlovic Graf, break down the existing dogmas and go back to the root of fetishism: a deeply anchored yearning for more, an escape to a long forgotten, magical fantasy world and a red thread that runs through the history of mankind. 

  • 10th of November 2016: If sex sells, does fetish buy?
  • 11th of November 2016: How much is your obsession?
  • 12th of November 2016: Is there sex after iPhone?
  • 13th of November 2016: What would Jesus buy?

Atelier Theater, Burggasse 71, 1070 Vienna – Austria
  • Festival ticket: € 69,00
  • Day ticket: € 29,00
  • Evening ticket: € 15,00
What can you expect: 

An opening/group exhibition and a varied mixture of lectures, a workshop, documentaries, films and parties in Club Dual. For an overview of the complete program please click here.

Being very much aware of our own little fetishes the NMHW team will of course attend and hope to see you there! 

Header image: ‘Sessions’, book by Florian Mueller