Oh_Logo_1It’s been a little over ten years since I left The Netherlands to start a new life in Austria. I have to admit I’m hardly aware of what is going on over there. But… I did discover the Dutch have created an erotic magazine for women! It’s called “Oh Magazine – lekker voor vrouwen” (translates: tasty for women) and I can’t wait to hold the first three issues in my hand. Knowing ‘my’ people I expect – and hope – it to be a bit more revealing and naughty than the german magazines that are out there. Needless to say I am particularly curious if the male nude photography will be more explicit. Do the Dutch have to stick to the same maximum penis angle publishing rules as Zee Germans? Honestly, what good is a picture of a naked man in a magazine that is supposed to stimulate our erotic fantasies when he does not seem at least a little bit aroused? For heterosexual women such idiotic rules make an erotic magazine pretty much superfluous. But let’s hope for the best and know you can always find a happy penis here on NMHW 😉