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He was still asleep when I decided to get up and check the terrace of our beach bungalow. We had arrived at the hotel around 02:00 in the morning, local time. The flight had been long, with an unavoidable and long stop over at Heathrow Airport. From leaving our apartment in Vienna to arriving at our destination it had taken us twenty hours and we were both exhausted. Without unpacking or doing the usual round in our vacation residence we had gone straight to bed. We both fell asleep immediately, but now I was wide awake. I grabbed for my mobile which was lying on the bedside table and saw it was less than five hours later. Darn. I looked at Alex and listened to his breathing. He was far away. I did not want to stare at the ceiling until he’d wake up, so I got up and opened my bag for something to put on. A large black beach scarf was lying on top. I took it, crossed it around my body and made a knot at the back of my neck. This would be appropriate enough for sitting on the terrace at 06:30 in the morning. No one would see me.

Once I was outside I discovered the travel catalogue had not lied to us. The ocean was maybe twenty metres away from the little stairs that led to the bungalows that belonged to the hotel. We actually wanted one of those houses standing right above the water, but the price had made us realize that a bungalow directly on the beach was already more than amazing enough for us. The view was absolutely breathtaking. The sun was coming up and a small breeze spread the scent of salt in the early morning air. The sound of the waves made me realize how much I missed the sea. I had left the Netherlands years ago to live in Vienna with my Austrian lover, now husband. Not for one second had I ever missed my home town, but I did miss the beach and the ocean. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I was happy that I’d gotten up to have this moment all to myself.

I leaned over the balcony and stared at the ocean, wondering if I should go for a swim now or wait for Alex to wake up and go together, when two figures rose up from the water. As they came closer I saw the wet bodies belonged to two men. It seemed I was not the only one having trouble sleeping. Maybe they had even arrived with us that same night. I could not remember seeing them, though. The men were talking, but I did not fully recognize the language. Some of the words they spoke seemed very similar to my mother tongue, so I figured they had to be from one of the Nordic countries. The blonde man certainly had a Nordic look. He was the tallest of the two and had very light skin. He was handsome to say the least, but not my type. The other man with the darker hair somehow appealed more to me. I kept on staring at them as they moved closer towards me. As they passed by to climb up the stairs of the bungalow to the left of ours, they looked at me and waved. I waved back and gave them my best smile. The thought that maybe I should have gone for a swim quickly crossed my mind. I could have gotten to know them and even more important, I could have had a better look at them. By now my neighbours had disappeared inside, there was nothing more to see. I comforted myself with the thought that I would probably have more opportunities to see them and turned around to look for a chair.

There was a comfortable chair standing on the other side of the balcony. I had just sat down when I heard water running. It was not inside our bungalow, so Alex must still be asleep. The sound seemed to come from outside. I stood up, walked back towards the edge of the terrace and looked to my left. There was an outdoor shower running right between the two bungalows. The water splashed over my two neighbours, who were both completely naked. I looked around to see if other people could also spot them, but apart from the beach side both bungalows were surrounded by palm trees and bushes. No one could see them. Without a sound I walked back towards my chair, picked it up and placed it on the side where I had the best view. From a sitting position I could see them perfectly. With my chin leaning on the edge of the balcony wall, I observed how they washed off the salt of the sea. I estimated they were in their early thirties, maybe a bit older. Both men were well-built, but not too much. Just how I liked it. I watched as their muscles tensed with every movement they made, touching their chests, their arms and legs. I felt a bit bad not giving them their privacy, but certainly not bad enough to stop looking. So far they had not seen me, so there was no harm done.

The dark haired man turned around, showing his back to the blonde, tall one. He was standing very close to him. His ass was almost touching the other man’s crotch. At first the man behind him did not seem to notice and continued showering. He had his eyes closed and was washing the soap out of his hair. Once he’d finished, he opened his eyes. He took a small step closer and held his friend by the hips. His head moved towards his ear. He whispered something which made them both giggle and nod. Then he started kissing the line of his neck. His hands caressed the chest, moved up towards his friend’s shoulders and then back down again, towards his belly. He moved even closer and slowly rubbed himself against his ass. I felt like rubbing my eyes to see if they were deceiving me, but my hand was already elsewhere and quite occupied, between my legs. My fingers spread the moisture that had started flowing out of me and stroked my clit softly. I wanted to sigh but I could not let them or my husband hear me. The embarrassing idea of Alex waking up and finding me masturbating while watching two strange men under the shower made me breath as silently as I possibly could.

The blonde man never touched his friend’s cock. He only moved his hand just close enough for him to might think he would. Then he let it climb up his chest again or hold his hips while he moved his own crotch repeatedly against the ass cheeks. His friend almost had a full erection. He turned his head slightly to kiss him. Their lips parted and their tongues met. Flashes of heat surged through my body. My nipples stiffened and my fingers moved faster to ease the pulsing sensation that made me want to have more. Then the man in front turned back. He opened his eyes and looked straight into mine. He grinned. I instantly knew he had been aware of me observing them from the start. His friend as well. It was all planned. I blushed and felt caught. I wanted to duck down and crawl away into the bungalow as if I had not been there, but my body would not move. He continued looking at me, then took his cock in one hand and started stroking it back and forth. His eyes did not let go of mine. I stared back and watched him getting bigger and harder. My fingers rubbed my clit simultaneously in his rhythm. I moaned out loud now, not minding any more if someone could hear me or not. He was so close. I was so close…

From behind me a hand slid underneath my scarf and grabbed my breast. Another hand met my fingers between my legs. ‘Naughty girl…’ I heard someone breathing in my ear. Alex had caught me! The view of the two men suddenly started to become vague. ‘No, don’t go!’ I thought, but I could not hold on to them. The men became transparent, lucid and then disappeared like smoke. The shower was gone, the trees and bushes, the beach, the ocean… It was all dark now. I was confused. Where was I?

I opened my eyes. I was lying in bed. My legs were bent and resting on Alex’s shoulder. One of his hands was massaging my breast. I could not see his face, only his dark, curly hair. His tongue was circling around my clit.
‘Mhh…’ he sighed, ‘… you are so wet…’
With his free hand he entered me and moved his fingers in and out in just the right rhythm. His tongue was making long, firm strokes. As I came to realize where I was and what was going on, the memory of my dream returned to me. Now the two men where back again, in my head. Water ran down their perfectly shaped bodies. One kissed and caressed, the other closed his eyes as his body tensed. Just a few more strokes… I grabbed the sheets and let go. We came together.

After a small pause Alex moved up and sat on his knees in front of me. I saw his erection and wanted to touch him. Instead, he grabbed my arms and held them down to the bed. He bent over to me and kissed me on the lips. I tasted the salt of my own pussy fluid and grinned with satisfaction.
‘You seemed to be having a good time, your moaning woke me up!’ he said.
I gave him my typical innocent ‘I have no clue what you are talking about’ facial expression.
‘And when I saw what you were doing… Well, I hope you don’t mind me wanting to join in?’
‘No, of course not. I am glad you felt like helping me out. You are a real gentleman, ‘ I said with a smile.
Alex stared at my body. I knew this look. This was one that meant we would not get up for quite some time. And we would surely not sleep.
‘Now that I have been so nice to you, I think it is time you welcome me properly to the Maldives…’



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Wet Honeymoon
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