Having sex and experiencing fantastic orgasms are among almost every one’s favourite activities, either with another person, or alone. For in the end, what is more desirable, fascinating, fulfilling, mind-blowing and relaxing than an orgasm? I certainly can’t think of anything.

Thanks to the over-sexualization of modern society, the media and easy access to pornography on the internet, the sexual pressure and insecurity men experience seems to increase rapidly. Premature ejaculation, the size of the penis and endurance in bed are the most important sexual issues for men.

Penis enlargement (phalloplasty) and penis widening (girth enhancement) are two surgical procedures available to solve the size issue. Apart from the high costs, the side-effects are considerable:

  • wrong direction of the angle of the penis
  • blood vessel injuries
  • slipping and shifting during sexual intercourse
  • scars and infections
  • pain during arousal, urinating and ejaculation
  • bumps (penis widening)

According to research 50% of the men who had one of these two procedures mentioned one or more of the problems listed above. In addition, the results are often unsatisfying: the flaccid penis may be bigger, but the size of the erection will not make much of a difference.

There are alternatives – read: exercises – that do not involve a surgical knife, have better results, cost nothing and are definitely more fun to do.

Raw Tantra – male enhancement exercises
Loren Johnson, a Tantra Yoga and Chi Kung instructor, offers exercises to achieve a bigger, stronger erection, to postpone the orgasm and to experience the sexual energy flow through the whole body. You can order his instructional DVD through his website. I have watched the DVD and have to say it looks convincing. Since I am not a man though, I’d love to hear some feedback from you!

Orgasmic Yoga – sexological bodywork
Our society is not one in which parents inform their children about masturbation, let alone tell them it is normal and good to discover your body and love yourself. A veil of shame lies over this topic, which is a shame in itself. How to masturbate is therefore something we usually find out by accident and then further explore and practice in secret. A boy will have his first wet dream or spontaneous orgasm. Once that has happened, he is bound to start playing with his penis.

During the years we practice auto-sex, we develop a technique of which we know it will bring us the desired result. Most of the time this technique is so efficient, that it will help us reach an orgasm quickly. We get used to this particular way we stimulate ourselves, the body gets used to it. To masturbate in a different way, for instance using the other hand or moving your hand or fingers differently does not work. Our desire telling us we want a quick result adds to the failure of the different technique.

Orgasmic Yoga teaches you how to experience an orgasm differently, more intensely and more complete. The goal is not a quick orgasm, but taking time for it and feeling it through your whole body.

Source: http://sheismadeinpoland.tumblr.com/

Source: http://sheismadeinpoland.tumblr.com/

Didi Liebold, a sexological bodyworker, suggests 30 minutes for 30 days:

Choose a place where you normally do not masturbate. Start caressing your body, focus on your whole body. Don’t think of anything erotic or pornographic: no stories or fantasies. Don’t use sex toys or lubricants. Just feel yourself.
Start touching your penis. Massage it, squeeze it, touch it differently. You can combine this with practicing postponing your orgasm by stopping once you almost reach the point of no return. Do this every day for thirty days, thirty minutes per day. Keep a diary and write down what you have experienced.

That doesn’t sound so bad, now does it?

*Note: this is an older article by my hand.